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Hey guys, I was very learly about this whole "myspace" thing. As it turns out,, it's a great way to promote yourself and your music. I've ran into old music friends from the past and also some great fans from the past as well. I was blown away by the fact that someone like Matthew Sweet or John Wicks from the "Records" would send me a "friends request"!!! I'm a huge fan of both of these guys and to have them litterly find me is really cool!!! I get a "friends request" just about everyday and most of these folks are either "Raspberries" fans or "Gary Lewis" fans or even "Paul Pope", "Club Wow" fans. I'm greatful for my very small parts in the Raspberries and Eric's legacy! Thanks for all your support!!! Billy S.

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I'm with Billy S...he's my 'friend', AND we have had a couple of chats. We share many of the same heroes/influences, and I'm confident that he and I will share a stage some time in the near future!

Yeah...I've been a little 'ga-ga' with some of the friends that have not only asked for adds, but also instigating some messages - Denny Laine, Brian Ray (of Paul McCartney's band), and Alexa Ray Joel. I saw her perform her in Syracuse, and got to meet her backstage. Since then we've had quite a few myspace exchanges! Keep your eye on her...she may not get as 'big' as her Dad, but she is quite motivated to carve her own mark in the music world.

Via myspace, my band has gotten two gigs. Two out of state promoters are also interested in our Badfinger or Hollies shows.

This myspace...when used and monitored properly....is a GREAT thing.

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Just getting caught up and I find there is now a My Space page.

Bernie, Eric is right, there has got to be more then one of you!! But I'm so glad that one of you is 'ours'. laugh

The page is just awesome. Now maybe some of the 'My Space Generation' will discover some of the the most beautiful, moving and rockin' music ever made!!!!

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