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Mention of Eric in MOJO


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OK, sports fans, get your pens out and get ready to write and complain, if you're so inclined!

In the October 07 issue of MOJO (Pink Floyd on the cover - all 5 of 'em), Eric is prominently mentioned in the Reissues Reviews File Under section, Page 118, where they "review" the import 2-fer CD that has "Boats..." and "Change of Heart" on it. There's also a decent photo of him over the article, entitled "Perm Rock - The bigger the hair, the bigger the recording budget? Low-cost bald correspondent Jim Irwin investigates."

To quote the first 2 paragraphs -

" If the marketing person is doing their job, you should be able to precisely judge a book by its cover, or a record by its sleeve. If an artist is depicted on their album sleeve with teased, glossy hair then you can expect a record of teased, glossy music to match. To test this theory, the File Under massive has raided the closet of American Beat Recordings, who seem to specialize in leonine soft rockers.

First up, Eric Carmen, composer of such bombastic classics as "All By Myself" (with a little help from Rachmaninov). His albums of 1977 and 1978, "Boats Against The Current" and "Change Of Heart" are now on one disc. On the cover of the former, Eric's sporting an impressive pile of hair and staring mistily out of the window of a boathouse, judging by its peeling paint - or perhaps he's having a quiet moment in his shed. The hair-to-pop correlation coefficient is notably high. "Boats Against The Current" itself is a superior ballad, subtler than his big hit, but still lachrymose, and the lengthy "Runaway" is a condensed soft-rock concerto. By "Change Of Heart" he's feeling the spray of the new wave, so has stuffed the big hair under a trilby, Nonetheless, ringlets pour out of it. Similarly, the music can't disguise its pop instincts: an expansive, glossy product, disco-friendly, and filled with nods to The Beach Boys, Motown and The Who."

Billy Squier and Tommy Shaw are also reviewed later in the article.

Hmmm....interesting "review"....wonder if this guy's ever reviewed 50's rockabilly or old R&R reissues, and analyzed the size or greasiness of pompadours versus the content of the music???.....

Oh well, it's definitely different!

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Well, first off it's not a bad review. Especially when you consider it's being written by a guy who had obviously never heard the two albums before. I think that says something about the music. The hair thing just seems like a stab at a creative angle that just doesn't work. I mean, this guy probably likes and is more familiar with bands from the '80s and '90s--and those hairstyles were just UNREAL!


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It's interesting to see the musical take this reviewer has on the two albums. He seems to have not heard of them before.( Only familiar with EC's All By Myself...which was a nice hit in the UK). I'm pleased he called "Boats Against The Current" a superior ballad. Just shows how well it stands the test of time.

Also, I lived/worked in London in 1983 and 1984. Very few people there were familiar with EC...and fewer were aware of Raspberries. Not unlike here in the States, when people heard the music(EC & Raspberries)for the first time..they usually enjoyed it.

Other than "All By Myself"...and probably "Hungry Eyes"...did any other EC recordings chart in the UK?


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Welllllllll it certainly isn't what we wanted as EC fans, but it isn't all that bad.

I think Mojo's pretty much the best high profile music magazine available, but even they have a few reviewers who love the sound of their own attempts at being clever moreso than actually doing their job, which is to let people know what the music's like, its strengths and weaknesses etc.

There's more space in the review devoted to hair than the music and that reflects more on the weakness of the reviewer than anything... at least that's what I get out of reading those kinds of reviews....

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So if Mojo can find the time to review two of Eric's old albums on a reissue, how did they miss Sunset Strip? This mag likes the Raspberries - remember their mini piece a couple of years ago titled "Raspberries - return of the cool"? They seem to have completely missed the new album. How can that happen? frownfrownfrown


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