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Eric, when will you come to Seattle?


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I'm certain that that there are tons of fans here in Seattle. My heart would flip if you stopped here for an appearance or 2 sometime in the near future!

I wish all the love, joy and happiness in the world to you, Eric and your beautiful family!


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Hi Sherri. we would all love Eric to have a show. We came close last year but it was canceled for Barbara Stristrand when she wanted the same date. She later decided not to preform at that theatre and we lost out but we keep hoping for another show. Hopfully the Raspberries will preform this year and you will be able to see a show. I wouldn't miss it, they are awesome.

June LuvLove

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Wow, what a nice group of people here @ EC.com! Well, of course, we are a cut above.

Thanks for the very warm welcome, except for uncle fester's.

By the way, it is slightly overcast, but very bright and beautiful today here in Seattle. I needed my sunglasses on my drive to pick up my daughter. On clear days we can see 2 sets of mountain ranges from the freeway.

Does anyone know if Eric has ever been here?

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Hi ya Sherri!!! Welcome...

if you mean has Eric ever been here to seattle I don't know BUT if you mean is he ever here online with us, the answer is a resounding HELL YES! it is a totally unique experience to meet someone you admire greatly (Eric!) and have him say to you "I like what you write online" and that was before he started posting!!!

Now, it is totally cool to have him to "talk" to about stuff we've always wondered about and to also just chat about what's going on in the world.

We are very lucky to have a great diverse family here and we look forward to meeting up where ever we can - preferably to hear some live music from our Berries Boys! You will love it!!!!


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I meant has eric ever been to seattle. I haven't, up until now communicated much online and already see that I have posted things that can be read more than 1 way. Sorry, I intend to learn from my mistakes.

I am very much aware and delighted to see how active eric is here at ec.com!!! What a beautiful experience for us. Already in the last 2 days I've gotten insight and answers to questions I've long had regarding Eric.

I love it here! heartpumpsmile

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I think Raspberries played in Seattle in early '74. As far as Eric solo...don't know. Don't wait for it to happen, you gotta travel to see Eric, or Raspberries, if you're up in this remote region. LA is as close as it gets I'm afraid. I haven't been on a trip since Oct. of '05- can anybody guess what the reason for that trip was??? Never miss another show- that's my goal.

Oh yeah, "Hi Sherri"

Jay - your neighbor to the South.

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Hi Sherri,

If you're interested in reading Eric's own comments as posted on EricCarmen.Com, they are logged here: http://www.ericcarmen.com/scripts/ultimatebb.cgi?ubb=recent_user_posts;u=00000713 --- he's probably pretty busy right now (new Raspberries live album coming soon), but he'll be back.

Welcome to the site!

Don Krider smile


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Boy I have to jump in as a long time Seattle ambasador here.

Sherri, I'm born and raised here. Where do you live? I'm in the South End near Gig Harbor now, grew up in Bellevue, College in Tacoma.

To my knowledge Eric in any combination of acts hasn't stepped foot in the State since the mid-70's when I beleive he toured with either Sweet or Hall and Oats. The mid 80's Hungry Eyes Tour actually sold tickets at the Paramount, but EC became ill and had to drop out. The show went on, but we all left and got refunds.

Drawing from Portland and Vancouver BC too a show here would sell.

I know you're new, welcome aboard, I've been pushing for Eric out here for a decade on the boards, even tried to sweeten the pot, but no bites yet.

Due to proxemity, Seattle often is the first or last stop of many tours, both fun.

Billy K in Bremerton, Beatle Jay in Vancouver, and now you, one more Northwest voice, that's great!!

Seattle Steve

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Steve, I was born in Burien. My brother and his wife live in White Center. I hardly ever get up there anymore but used to at least once per year.

As far as the Northwest voice goes... MR E is from Vancouver also. He went AWOL and hasn't been seen here in a couple of months.

I think a show would do well in Seattle, as long as the word got out to public. I think some people would follow me up from Vancouver just to see what the big deal was with these Raspberries that Jay always talks about.

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seattle steve, i live in seattle proper, in fact, always have. i get around the state a little. lots of pretty areas here.

if it's any enticement for eric, well over 90% of the visitors and transplants i have spoken to express absolute adoration for the seattle area. they always say how beautiful it is.

i am definitely willing to travel to see eric.

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