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Eric and Ebay


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If you could go thru Eric's house and pick one single item that you'd wanna have him put on ebay for you to bid on, with the stipulation that you CANNOT resell this item, it must be for your own use only, what would you want it to be? A guitar pick? A guitar? His piano? Car? Sheet music? Tightie whities? What?


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Don't know if it exists (probably doesn't, because he probably played it all from his head without writing it down) but I

would love to have notated piano parts to his songs, especially "I Can Remember" or "Starting Over." His harmonies are world class and I would just love to

have piano parts the way he plays them just for

analysis. And Kirk, you're absolutely right--the

grand piano would be fantastic. I'd have to borrow

Julie's copy of "The Great Gatsby" as well!

smile --Darlene

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Hey Darlene... You may be able to find transcriptions (not the sheet music) of exactly the way he plays that stuff online. I know that the published sheet music is usually not right but online sites (like olga.com for guitar) have transcriptions to the most far out music that are sometimes dead on. Maybe take a look.

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Oh God Lydia, Please tell me you want those clothes laundered first!

I just want the stinky ashtray that was used for the hundreds of cigarettes Eric inhaled while perfecting the lyrics of "Runaway". Better yet, I get dibs on the black lung that doctors eventually will have to remove to save Eric's life...Maybe I should just be happy with his CDs.

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