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(Re-post) Hear The Raspberries LIVE circa 1973

Paul Davie

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<I am re-posting this from last week, since it only had one reply...I thought this would be a valuable contribution, so maybe I put it in the wrong sub-section>


Here is a link to a site called "Wolfgang's Vault".


Here's a gem of show from our boys, at their power-poppiest in 1973. I totally dig their cover versions of "Be My Baby" and "Roll Over Beethoven"!

It has TONS of live concerts recorded from various TV and radio specials by hundreds of seminal 70's/80's artists. You can listen for free after you sign in, and purchase the concerts if you want to download the songs.

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I would agree...Wolfgang's vault is awesome. It is all the collection of Bill Graham and his Fillmore East and Fillmore West shows and many others. Bill Graham was from Germany and emigrated to this country in the anitJewish build up of Nazi Germany in the years prior to WWII. His original name was Wolfgang.. These tapes are in legal limbo and may not be available in the future. But they are an unbelievable footprint of the times. Enjoy


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