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Wally Bryson in Cleveland Scene article on The James Gang


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Going through my email, I opened one from the Cleveland Scene magazine about an article on The James Gang (after three sold-out shows last year, they apparently will record a new album).

In that article at http://music.clevescene.com/Issues/2006-08-09/music/music.html?src=music_newsletter , they quote musicians talking about The James Gang. It was cool to see Wally Bryson of Raspberries included among the quotes in an article from the August 9, 2006, issue:


Wally Bryson (guitar, the Raspberries):

"Ohio cats have always been way underrated. You have to be really good to get out of Cleveland. They're a great rhythm section. Jimmy's a stand-up guy and a good musician. Dale is a really, really solid bass player -- like the Who had [John] Entwistle, holding the thing down. It's an amazing foundation to play around. And Joe can play and sing and work the crowd. And he's really melodic. They were always good to go see, and they always delivered. They seem totally unaffected [by their success]. They're real guys. The real good [bands] always are."


It's funny how the members of the Raspberries and The James Gang have crossed paths over the years --- from Phil Giallombardo (who wrote "Any Way I Can" on the "Choir Practice CD" by The Choir) playing in both The Choir and The James Gang, to James Gang bassist Dale Peters playing on Eric's last studio album.

I remember an old Los Angeles magazine ("Music Connection"?) article some years ago where Joe Walsh talked about his '60s band sharing stages with one of Eric Carmen's '60s bands, and saying something like "the drummer scared the hell out of me" (he didn't say who, but I have to assume he was talking about that intimidating-looking drummer, Mr. Michael McBride, when he played with Eric and Wally in Cyrus Erie --- Michael, if you read these things, you're cool, buddy).

Don smile


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