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The *Coolest* Raspberry ...


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Having attended my first and second Raspberries gigs in New York City and Atlantic City this past July 24th and September 17 I was both surprised and honored to have met Wally both times after these gigs.

Despite the fact that I could not shell out the $150 meet and greet ticket prices for these gigs (and I *do* regret missing the Atlantic City one; from what I've heard it was well worth it) Wally came out after both shows, autographed LPs, posters etc. that were handed to him, spoke with and shook hands with those of us who approached him.

These experiences, along with two phenomenal performances cemented, for me, (after a long time of debate with fellow Raspberries fans out here in NYC) Wally's status as the coolest, and most accessable of the Raspberries.

There's no elitism here baby!

Wally, you are great!



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A hundred welcomes to you, Conan/Jeff! So glad you had such a wonderful time with Wally! He's truly a sweetheart.

All four of the guys are the nicest people in the world one could ever meet. The one thing that always impressed me was how interested in their fans they've always been. The way they have changed set lists to accommodate literally everyone's needs really underscores that point.

I know you'll love this board and the friends you make here. Have fun!

:) --Darlene

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They are incredibly gracious in their willingness to speak with their fans. We ran into Wally on a street off of Times Square the morning after the Saturday night NYC gig. What a thrill it was to chat for awhile about music and the previous nights performance. His decency, straightforward humor, and warmth were really refreshing.

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