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Eric Carmen (Rare and Unreleased) CD

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After some research and breaking into Eric's home music vault with Kirk, I have listened to enough rare and unreleased Eric Carmen to come up with a solid CD. But only if Eric makes updated studio recordings of these tunes:

1. Devil And The Deep Blue Sea - With instruments, Jim Steinman style.

2. Cindy In The Wind - The melody and chorus harmonies stick in your head.

3. Wild Wild Heart - A nice little ballad.

4. My Heart Stops - D. Warren tune deserves another chance, but change a couple notes in the verse melody that seem to go flat and clash with the instruments.

5. Temporary Hero - Lots of potential in this ballad, with the right tightening up and production.

6. Love At Last - Sappy and sweet ballad, with a nice melody. Sounds like a song playing at the end credits of a romantic movie.

7. When You Need Someone - Carmen does sixties soul style. Sing it Brother Eric!

8. Running Hot - Get rid of the 80's drums and reverb and enhance that guitar riff and track, this song could rock. Some energy to keep Marvin awake between ballads.

9. High Cost Of Loving You - Carmen goes Country. Not bad.

10. I'll Hold Out My Hand - A catchy hippie crooner ballad. Never heard Eric sing quite that style before.

11. I Need You - A decent ballad.

12. Bonus Track: A slow version of "Let's Pretend"

Sure there's too many ballads...And I'm sure there are other songs I haven't heard, But those are best rare and unreleased Eric Carmen songs that I got to hear before the police took them all away as evidence.

Anybody know the name of a good lawyer...

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Tony you're starting to sound like Darlene with your praise of some of those songs. Here are my opinions on the ones that I've heard:

1. Devil - way too long, needs major editing, and some of the lyrics (are they by Dean Pitchford?) are too cliched.

2. Cindy - great melody, maybe an update on the arrangement.

3. My Heart Stops - Yecch!!!

4. Temporary Hero - Has possibilities, but again needs some restructuring

5. Running Hot - see #3 above

6. High Cost of Loving You - I'd be curious to know if the lyrics are by Eric or Pitchford. Either way, a ballad with definite possibilities.


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Once again, I agree with Marvin. Too many sickly sweet ballads. Those of us young-ins in the group want some up-tempo stuff to keep us awake when the baby has done just that all night long. How about a remix of Hurt's too Much, or Tonight You're Mine, plus a bit more sizzling sexy stuff similar to TYM in there! A live version of Go All the Way would also be appreciated. You'd probably find a whole new group of people to appreciate GATW, as it was released when I was 2, and I'm no spring chicken. There's tons of Teens and Tweens who would be shocked by the lyrics, and would love the song for just that reason - to shock mom and dad. Little do they know that mom and dad already know the lyrics!


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tony, great idea, but you forgot erics usual remakes.

Badfingers...."no matter what" & "hey deannie".

of course eric leaves the studio while wally adds real "pop" guitar to the tracks.

you can remove "high cost".....not bad? not good either.

if your looking for another uptempo song, how about "as long as we've got each other?" from bernies X-mas present? just have to figure out which major female perfomer we could team up with eric.

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I see promise in "Devil", but there's something about it that is way too over-the-top melodramatic. I can't take it seriously, but I think there is room to make it listenable. It's almost as if Eric was trying to hard with this one. If I recall correctly, in a past "Ask Eric", he was asked about this song and I believe he also has major apprehensions about it.


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"Young Hearts on Fire" was originally written with Stevie Nicks in mind, but it's definately uptempo and should be considered. Also there is "It Should Have Been Me".

I don't know why but I love "High Cost of Loving You" The way country has crossed-over over the years, to me it's a more marketable song then it ever was. If Eric's not going to record it with Shania Twain (;-)) then give it to Tim and Faith.

Or hook up again with Mandrell ala "Maybe My Baby".

Actually I can hear Garth doing it, with a little help from Trisha.

Replace the drum track on Top Down Summer with Bonfanti live, and we can still get the "Unreleased and Reissue" CD out for summer as the first single.

Seattle Steve

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I'm here. Wow, a lot's been going on since I left for just a little bit! New mp3 and lots of live conversation on the board! My job's been just a bit too much lately. My workload's increased 22% in two years due to a boss who doesn't know how to manage. So I've been doing schoolwork lately.

But... I'm back--on Spring Break, no less! And the board has really "lit up!"

Yep, Eric's rare, unreleased stuff is really beautiful. I still think he's going to release it sometime in the future. He just has to realize that his own perception of the gorgeous stuff has no relation to reality. Bernie and I agree--it's gorgeous. Well, maybe he'll realize it. Miracles do happen.

smile --Darlene

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Unfortunately Darlene for every person who thinks all of Eric's unreleased stuff is "really beautiful", there are some of us who are bit more realistic and feel that a lot of that stuff needs a major upheaval. Not saying that the material is not worth releasing, just saying that in its present state or the state that I've heard it in, it needs work. I will say however, that some of the unreleased stuff I've heard (like "Cindy" for example)is much better than what he released on "WD."

Marvin (now taking off his cynic hat)

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