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All of us realize the sacrifices you've made (although maybe not the extent of those sacrifices!) to keep this great-looking site timely and fluid and fun, and it's more than appreciated. I feel like we owe you Kathy more thanks than words can say. (In fact, even if you were in this to make a little cash, I'd have no problem with it.)

So pay no mind to the Loser who's trying to stir up trouble.... People like that will complain and fuss and whine about everything on earth... and they'll remain miserable right up until their last breath.

Anyway, you're the best. Hang in there!



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Quite the discussion here regarding the DVD. I'd like to just say a couple things.

First of all, you couldn't have asked for a kinder, more giving couple of fans than Bernie and Jim Bullota. In my book, they are class individuals who never once worked an angle or did anything involved in Raspberries world for self gain. They did it because they LOVE the band. They do things from the heart without expecting anything in return. To assume that they would be 'raking' in money is incredulous. Everyone involved in making the L.A. recording did so out of generosity. And to think, the show wasn't even going to be filmed or recorded until the last minute. Now what you have coming out is the first Raspberries release in over 30 years with incredible extras you won't be able to find ANYWHERE else thanks to the hard work of Bernie and the band.

I find it sickening that anyone would try to tear down the efforts and belittle what will be an amazing product for a woa-is-me consumer who would probably go out and purchase an HDTV at Best Buy at $2,500 on a credit card if it was advertised at 50% off, regardless if they could 'afford' it or not. This same person is probably driving a loaded SUV on a $30,000 a year income and justifying it at every turn.

Another thing is when Raspberries did their meet and greet packages, they were so professionally done and accessible to every fan who wanted it. I encountered many fans who said it was the best money they spent. How much was that? Pretty close to what you paid for this DVD that is a LIMITED EDITION run of 300 copies making it something valuable in years to come. Original lineup. Never before seen footage. Rarities, and yes hand-signed autographs, not fakes.

When KISS toured with Aerosmith, they offered a Platinum ticket package for their most loyal fans. $1,000 a person got you a ticket in the first 5 rows, a piece of KISS merchandise, a professional photo with the band, and 30 minutes worth of meet and greet after the show. EVERY SINGLE package was sold out before the tour. Having worked for them, I was backstage at a few shows and saw people of all walks of life back there. Looking at some, I knew they didn't have $2,000 to pay for that experience, yet their true devotion to the band spoke volumes. That's a true fan.

Bernie and Jim, you guys are number one in my book. Keep up the great work and hopefully this will be a great launch pad for the band in the future instead of being a sore spot for the 2% who just don't get it.


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Bernie, Someone had to say it -- and I'm glad it was you! If it had been one of us, you would have had to edit our post, right? wink Don't be sorry about sticking up for yourself and telling the truth! I hope you don't have "poster's remorse", and I aso hope you know how much the majority of us appreciate your work here and for the entire band!

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Bernie, that idiot sure did make you angry, that guy should be ceased from coming on here.

I hate it when jerks like that treat really good people like they are crap.

I'm really happy to have something like the DVD/CD, IT'S THE NEXT BEST THING FOR ME seeing the guys live.

It means alot to me.

Eric,Dave, Wally, Jim, Kay Bernie, Kathy, My fan friends who I get to see live in the audience, oh yes, I finally get to see Paul Sidoti, Billy Sullivan.




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guys.."fans" that is...i thought polotics and religeon was the hot topic to not discuss..i was wrong..this subject has gotten outa hand..true..some good came out of it..but in the longrun..well..stop and restart which is and should be a celebration !! yeah..i read all the wesites involved in the raspberries name and experiences..we're never gonna agree on all things..such as then,and now!! but this is about the band and fans of all kinds who got to witness their original members play live again for god's sake!! PLEASE..give it a rest and have fun w/this...it's a good thing!!! lol,chris

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The internet provides the perfect place for bullies, weenies whose aim is to gain gratification from the distress caused by provoking and tormenting others. The anonymity, ease of provocation, is his release for his personal feeling of impotency.

I feel sorry that he is frustrated about the Raspberry PKG. Does he feel bad about the people who did not hear about it, in time? Not likely

Does he feel badly that many others did not get to see the concerts?

Do not give him validation by responding to his whining any more.

I hope you will place his idiot remarks in the "Bite Me" File.

I suggest they put on their "Big Girl Panties" an deal with it.

I do most sincerely appreciate your thankless work; you have most-kindly answered the redundant questions I have asked, graciously and patiently. Thank You


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Thank you, Eric, for considering everyone's feelings like you always do.

I can't speak for anyone else, but I would be thrilled if the "limited edition" offer were extended to those who didn't get the chance to purchase it.

I remember being heartbroken when tickets to the first reunion concert were sold out while my computer was down. I was fortunate that an absolute *angel* purchased extra tickets and sold them to us so we could attend that breathtaking historic event! That taught me to act on all offers immediately before they're gone.

In my view, the more people who purchase the cd/dvd and attend Raspberries concerts, the better. I'm hoping everyone feels that way.

smile --Darlene

Actually, though I was VERY excited, when I heard/read about the limited edition set ~ I've been a LONG time Raspberries fan, since the very beginning ~ I felt pressure to hurry up and buy it, lol, of course that does/can happen, when it's such a limited edition offer ~ but my point is...if it had been a bigger edition in the beginning, I might have *really* taken more time to consider, whether I could afford the package or not...now, of course, if 100-200 more are now added, that makes it seem as though fans were put through a 'hurry up and get it' type thing, that later on becomes just the opposite :-/ Does anyone understand what I'm saying? frown I can totally appreciate, the long time (other) fans out there, like Maggie, that were not aware and were left out in the cold...would want the edition made bigger...and I'm totally happy for Eric and the band, and all involved, that it turned out to be a total success ~ but at the same time, in a way, left me feeling let down, can't explain it Indifferent That being said...I'm VERY excited about getting my set, and can't wait to see/listen to it. From what I've read about it to this point, it sounds very special, and I want to thank Eric and everyone for putting it together for us fans! Counting the days till it arrives! smile
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I think the guys maybe need to be a little careful here. After all, the special edition sets were marketed at a premium price on the basis of a limited run of 300. If the run is extended then doesn't that mean possible infringement of fair trading rules or something?

So why not have a second, not-quite-so special but still limited edition at a commensurate price which omits some of the goodies but includes all the essentials? That way, more money for the band, and the fans are rewarded for their loyalty and patience over the last 30 years or so, and everyone's happy. happy

That sounds like a great idea! smile I really think that would be the way to go, but of course I don't know all the legalities involved :rolleyes: Thanks for posting your thoughts...I never would have thought of that as a possibility, makes perfect sense smile
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Well, the way I figger it is... If a steakhouse owner said he was going to have an 8oz filet mignon and I showed up to get some I'd be happy.

Unless... I learned that he was offering a 16oz steak to his customers for a higher price. Well, that's another story. By gosh he better give me the same frickin' cut of meat all those elite people are gettin' or I'm gonna be really p'eed.

After all, beef is just an egg and a sperm that got together. What could that cost? It shouldn't cost any more to give me the bigger piece of meet.

Why can't I get the same thing as everyone else? I can get chicken and pork down the road for a better price than what he wants to charge those rich people for that 16oz piece of cow.

If I don't get what I want, I'm not posting here anymore.

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Ignorance is SO bliss...and deaf and dumb and blind and convenient and sometimes just plain stupid too.

Bernie - don't let those who are ignorant, ill-informed and imbecilic get to you. Those who matter know who is who.

Look at it this way - you and Jim are now in an exclusive little club...welcome!

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As one of the head Sh*T stirrers:),

let me just say, I never attacked anyone involved with the band, and realize all monies are going to the band. I have spoken to Bernie in emails several times, and he even graciously sent me his EC book gratis. He is a true gentlemen, and a devoted fan.

I didn't mean for this to go on so long & almost take on a life of it's own, as you can see pages back on this thread, after Bernie intimated they may do a future DVD release, I let the subject drop here. On the other board, I continued to get dumped on & made to feel as though I shouldn't express my opinion, so I tried to express in other ways my sadness at being excluded. I will say, this package has caused me sadness instead of joy, at being excluded from something I had read about for over a year. I tried to keep negativity to a minimum, and I'm sorry it blew up into a big thing, this is why I didn't post about this despite wanting to for weeks. Sadly, the overall negative vibe on the boards has definitely affected my feelings toward this band in the past year. I thought boards were for discussion and to let the band know your feelings, which is what I tried to do. To anyone I offended, Especially Eric, I'm sorry. I won't post here anymore.

PS I am not working hand in hand with Vanky, I have no idea who he is:)

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Dear frankenberrie, You didn't offend me at all. That Wanky Stanky fella's always grumblin' about something or other. He's just mad because he's been banned from this website and the Raspberries real website. I understand your dilemma regarding the price of the LE package. It is expensive. Are you aware that there are going to be two other versions released by Ryko? One will have 13 songs and a much lower price point, the other will have either 19 or 21 songs and an intermediate price point. We didn't want anyone to be excluded.

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The initial LE 300 was done to try to cover the expenses of making the record. Guess who's responsible for all the video editing, artwork, photographs, layout etc.? Yep. That would be us (Well, actually, it's Bernie). Mark Linett and I worked on the mixes every day for probably six or seven weeks. I didn't ask for any monetary compensation

and Mark went way above and beyond the call of duty, but his time and studio and expertise aren't free. Guess who pays the promotional costs when the CD is released. Yep. That would be us, again. I can't speak for the rest of the guys, but I did this record for one reason. I wanted the band's legacy to include one really great live recording. Period. No one is going to get rich from this record. We wanted something for the fans, and something for ourselves. I hope you'll be able to find a version of the CD that makes you happy without breaking the bank. If not, let me know and I'll see what I can do. ec wink

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