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Good job Dave! Yep... when Sly spots the burgers on the grill in "the underground" and has to have one... trades a Rolex for one as I recall... and a young Sandra Bullock asks... "Do you see any cows around here detective?"

Sly turns to the cook, who informs him "es la rata..." "Rat. This is a rat burger?" he says as he keeps on eating... "Best burger I've had in years."

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"Trust me. Barbequed squirrel is a delicacy here in the U.S."


OMG --- Reminds me of a story my dad told me a little while back. When he was growing up in South Alabama (Brundidge), my dad would hunt squirrel and my grandmother would make squirrel & dumplings ( instead of chicken & dumplings )!!

I went most of my life without hearing this story! My dad went on to inform me that a young adult squirrel is better because he ain't so tough!!

Now I've had rabbit for din-din in Alabama, and it was pretty good, but no squirrel!

I don't know maybe Dianed & Lew wants to come to the next family re-union in Alabama for some real scary stuff!!! laugh:Phypno

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