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TODAY SHOW transcript -- Raspberries Mention

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HEADLINE: NBC's Today show, May 27, 2005, 9:00 AM



KATIE COURIC, co-host: And one more song from Def Leppard, by the way, a little bit later on, which was a cover of a song which was originally done by the Raspberries, is that right?

JOE ELLIOTT: News to me.

ROKER: It's the Raspberries.

COURIC: That's what Al Roker--anyway, it's "No Matter What You Want."

ROKER: Eric Carmen.

COURIC: No matter what you...

ELLIOTT: That's the one we just did.

COURIC: I know. We're going to play it a little bit later.

ELLIOTT: Oh, you are?


ELLIOTT: Oh, thank you.

COURIC: You're welcome, darling.

ELLIOTT: Badfinger, that's who it was.

COURIC: Oh, Badfinger.

ROKER: Badfinger?


ROKER: I'm pretty sure it was...

COURIC: The Raspberries sang "Please, Baby, Go All the Way," remember that?

ROKER: It's almost the same.

ELLIOTT: Oh, my word.

COURIC: Oh. Anyway.

ROKER: Wow. Hello? My goodness.

COURIC: We have lots to get to. But first, let's head up inside, where Ann has a check of the news headlines. I'm all...

ROKER: Verklempt.

COURIC: ...a-twitter.

ANN CURRY, anchor: All right, Katie. Thank you.

- - - -


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Apparently, Katie has Raspberries on her mind and Al (ex Clevelander)should know better. Well everyone, you know they have the summer concert series every Friday. Shouldn't Katie be told that the Berries are playing BB Kings on July 23 & 24 (Sat & Sun) which leave Friday morning open for some national exposure. And yes Katie, if your reading this they would play Please baby "Go All the Way". email..telephone calls...whatever it takes

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I just sent an email to the above address to ask that they consider the Raspberries for the July 22 concert date on the Today Show. What a great opportunity for the Berries! As many people as possible that read these message boards should do the same!


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Sent an email to NBC. I was planning on going to the dentist that morning - who happens to be in Rockefeller Center -so I always hear the Friday music from the office. Definitely prudent to cancel that appt if the boys are booked!!!

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Keep those cards and letters and e-mails goin to The Today Show - just so you guys don't think we're sitting around at Raspberries Headquarters...we were on the phone with the Today show talent booking staff on May 27th before the show was off the air...I'll keep pushing from the inside and you all hit 'em hard with your e-mails and letters - maybe there's strength in numbers!



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