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I wasn't there, but.....


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...damn, I wish I could have been. I've been a Raspberries fan for ages, but I've never had the pleasure of seeing the guys live. Hopefully they'll make it out to L.A. soon.

I've met Wally, Dave and Scott and they're all extremely nice guys. I was thrilled to be in the studio when the three of them were cutting the REFRESHED disc a few years back, and I was absolutely over the moon when Scott cut a track for a tribute CD I produced (honoring the band Shoes, mentioned here recently) in 2001. Seeing the adulation that is being heaped upon the 'Berries here is great, because they're all such down to earth, sweet guys. They deserve it.

Eric, of course, is a pro's pro, and the Godfather of power pop, in my opinion. An amazing songwriter and vocalist, and there's absolutely no one who can put across a ballad like he can.

I recently read and reviewed (for GOLDMINE Magazine) the very cool MARATHON MAN biography and was overwhelmed by the amount of work that Bernie and Ken put into it. Kudos to the two of them not only for the book, but for all they did in making this Raspberries reunion happen.

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