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Hi, I'm new here. Just signed a couple of days back. I'm poor at English, so I don't think I could post so often, but I'm enjoying reading the posts, especially about recent concerts of the

Raspberries. I do hope they will come to Japan this year!!!

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Any chance Cummisongs is really Eric's old partner Burton Cummings? The website has been attracting a lot of people who are close to Eric and the boys - such as the roadies, Paul Sidoti, etc... I wouldn't be surprised if other singers, songwriters and musicians are checking in and putting their 2 cents worth in as well.

If you've had past or current experience singing, writing with, or playing with any of the band members, speak up! We'd love to hear the 'behind the scenes' stories.

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How many saw Burtons film, "Melanie"

Talk about the background of his album, how he became to make it, and his acting was good, but, not the greatest.

I taped it, becasue all the songs on most of his film I have on record.

It's a old film, but, worth taping, Or buying on VHS, not DVD, OK

That's how old it is, 1976 80, film.

The album has a face of him, up close profile.

It's great.

His cd 'UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL" is another great CD, he does an impression in front of a live audience, of Gordon Lightfoot.

It's a hoot.

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Gene, THAT'S when it happens--when you least expect it! Isn't it wonderful???!!! Always keep the dream alive--no matter how hopeless it seems--and then, when you've resigned yourself to keeping it alive although it's "impossible," it HAPPENS right before your eyes. How many people tried to have babies, and then gave up and gave the stroller away (or adopted), only to find themselves anticipated a blessed event! Ahh, magic happens...Enjoy being roadie and photographer!

smile --Darlene

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I don't know if anyone noticed (*I* didn't, until now), but we have 504 REGISTERED MEMBERS!!!! Congratulations, Bernie and EC.com!

The 500th member hasn't yet posted, but when he or she does, everyone will indeed notice!

Things are peachy-keen--I mean, RASPBERRIES-keen!

smile --Darlene (member #2--we've come a LONG way!)

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