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Wild Wild Heart

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OK, OK -- I know I posted a few minutes ago, but I just listened to that glorious song, "Wild Wild Heart" and it blew me away! Makes me want to hear every single thing Eric (and Bernie) have hidden away. Thanks -- I feel better now. Betsey

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Oh, Bernie, thank you. Wild Wild Heart is absolutely EXQUISITE! And unreleased...Dare I try to even imagine what other perfect jewels lie still hidden, unreleased...? Such true masterpieces are destined to be shared with the world. A perfect idea for his next CD -- Unreleased Treasures... --Darlene

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I just listened to "Wild, Wild Heart" as well.


Bernie, You are so lucky and blessed to have EC as your friend.

How could Disney, a company that thrives on their music for their pictures not include that song. Even if it was the closing song for the credits.

Disney's loss will be our gain in the future when EC releases songs from the vault.

An amazing song!! Why didn't EC put that on "I Was Born To Love You"? EC at his best. That voice...that piano...and those lyrics...MM GOOD!!

I guess I'm just excited to hear new EC music.

I'm gonna listen to that song again but, I just had to post my thoughts.

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I've said it before, but there is a hit album with just Eric's unreleased material, let alone what he's currently got up his sleeve. Most probably need to be reproduced but heck that's the easy part, at least compared to composing. With all the connections he's made touring with Ringo, etc. it probably wouldn't be that hard to pull in guest musicians for various songs either.

And I'll bet Bonfanti is just a phone call away.

Hey Eric, if you're not going to release "Devil" give it to Meatloaf and make a quick million. You've out Jim Stienmaned" Jim Stienman. Release it yourself though and make even more, your voice is perfect for the words and melody.

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