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Raspberries in Russia

Billy K.

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While in the process of surfing the net for some travel information for an upcoming trip, I happened to come across these music sites;













This site has an especially good biography of the band(in Russian):


This is a Ukrainian music site(showing 'Berries links)



Review of "Starting Over"


E.C. Biography in Russian:


Russian Pink Floyd site mentions Jimmy Ienner:


Some news source also re-published the 1/5/05 article from the Cleveland Jewish News:


From what I see, it appears that the band's popularity was more than what I initially expected. And most seems, oddly enough, happening smack in the center of Russia, as opposed to the West(Moscow/St. Petersburg, etc.), which is more connected to Europe/US.

Interesting parallel of increased popularity of Raspberries(the fruit, that is)in Russia. It used to be prohibitively expensive to import them into Russia, but due to provisions in a trade agreement, record numbers of them have been shipped in from Turkey.

More people in Russia are now making Raspberry filled pastries, infused drinks, as well as putting them in yogurt---common here, but not until recently there.

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This is always fun. Last week's EricCarmen.com hits included this many unique visitors from these countries:

United States 4,829

Japan 85

United Kingdom 45

Australia 28

Canada 27

USA Military 25

Netherlands 22

France 13

Belgium 9

Italy 9

Mexico 8

Germany 7

Czech Republic 7

New Zealand 6

Denmark 6

Portugal 5

Argentina 4

Sweden 4

Switzerland 4

Poland 4

Brazil 4

Chile 3

Greece 3

Norway 3

Thailand 3

Austria 3

Philippines 2

Peru 2

Venezuela 2

Hong Kong 2

Slovak Republic 2

Dominican Republic 1

Spain 1

Estonia 1

Hungary 1

Bermuda 1

Turkey 1

Ecuador 1

Nepal 1

China 1

United Arab Emirates 1

Costa Rica 1

Russian Federation 1

Trinidad and Tobago 1

Romania 1

Slovenia 1

Lebanon 1

Finland 1

- - - -


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Nearly 5,000 unique visitors from the U.S. Wow! I imagine that number has risen at a healthy pace in the past couple years as more people find out about EC.com, and also because of the tour.

Let's see, if each U.S. visitor averages two copies of any hypothetical upcoming Raspberries CD / DVD release (I said "averages," because some of us might buy three or four to hand out to friends---what better Christmas gift?), that's a nice start to sales. :-)

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I gotta believe that some of those 5,000 people logged on after reading the EC.com mention in Sunday's Cleveland Plain Dealer—that paper's circulation is 1.1 million readers!

And what's up with this 1 visitor from Spain? CarmenSmalley doesn't have any power pop friends she can turn onto this web site?!?


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Yes, the former USSR is indeed an interesting and fascinating place. Keep in mind a couple of things.....first, you've got to remember that rock music was kind of an "underground" thing, until towards the end of the Brezhnev years, for the most part.

There were millions of people who never heard Elvis Presley or Beatles music until the last 15 years.

Secondly, like the US, it is a big place, and you can expect some regional differences in tastes/perspectives. Moscow vs. Volgograd vs. Vladivostok have differences, just like NYC vs. Nashville vs. Seattle.

And coming up with some interesting observations on my research of former USSR regions.

Kiev, and the central/eastern parts of Ukraine, have the highest ratio of qualified music teachers per population. Kiev also has a big contingent of jazz fans....in fact, so much, that they actually sent out aid to hurricane Katrina vicims.....these folks aren't exactly rich, but there was this love for New Orleans music, that they sent donations.....something that was all but ignored by the press here in the US.

US Embassy apppreciation of Kiev contributions:


Plus the majority of the people don't have computers, and do a lot of activity via internet cafes.

Needless to say, the music scene in FSU countries is interesting and complex to observe. And I am continuing to look at all the angles, before I go over. Plus trying to work on my Russian, which is not exactly an easy language.

Tony, I guess those two from the Philippines are some of your wife's cousins that you are supporting smilesmile

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Paulie, true to a certain extent. The island country of Tuvalu gets a lot of income for its .tv


And I was thinking myself of getting an extra e-mail address with a .ru service provider. There are some times when I send e-mails to FSU countries, that it gets rejected by the server.

Since most of these sites have mostly Russian language, it's not likely that westerners are running the show. And on the the english-language ones with the .ru on them, many of them you can tell that the grammar/usage is not exactly American or British.

You, of course, can't rule anything out. Poorer countries use .ru sites for the bandwidth reason that you mentioned.

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Paulie, what IS expensive, though, is to host a website in Belarus. The Belarusian government has tight control of the internet. As a result, many personal, non-business e-mail adresses have a .ru suffix, even though the person is in Belarus....it's cheaper and less of a hassle getting a Russian server.

To get a domain name in Belarus, it is $185 a year, much more expensive than even the US.

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Bernie, incidentally, the Cleveland Plain Dealer is a lot more popular in Russia than most people think.

Of the big-city US dailies, only the NY Times and Chicago Tribune easily get more readers than the Plain Dealer.....but just about everyone else is either equal or less than the Plain Dealer...

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I missed this the first time around, too.

Hmmm,I would almost bet you money I know the visitor from Estonia... happy ( I have relatives from there, some of who attended the Kool Koncert in Denver with me this past summer. They **LOVED, LOVED,** the Raspberries !!!! M.

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