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Wondering About "Pants"

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I remember during the major media coverage that occured during the huge success that was Eric's first solo LP one particular article. It was in Hit Parader I think (any magazine that boasted an Eric interview found an immediate customer in me).

At the end of the article, Eric is quoted as saying that he would someday right a song that started out with "My pants are tight, and I mean it!"

Wonder if he ever followed up on that one... :p

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Maybe the days of teen lust are gone... so that's one topic a band over 50 could sing about and the over-50 fans could relate to.

sung to the tune of "All by Myself"...

When I was young

my pants were tight like everyone's

But now those "teen lust" days are gone

Pass the baton.....

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Here's the potential first verse: (Sung to the tune of Make Me Lose Control


I put on a fresh pair

And step out in the street

And I cursed the brand name

When I ripped out my seat

Oh hell

Jennifer's laughing out loud,

She's says there' something to know

They sure don't make 'em

The way they did long ago

My darlin'

(Turn) my butt right aroud at that rip sound

Gritt my teeth but I have to go

(Keep) buyin' these pants

Without waist control

(When) when I look at their size, I go crazy

Number's high with some X's in it

(So) tell me if you think

My pants are tight (and I meant it)

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