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Crazy Dreams??


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Anyone else having dreams about the show? A couple of nights ago I had a dream, actually more like a nightmare! We were driving to Cleveland and got stuck in a gigantic traffic jam and ended up arriving late to the show. I also remember searching for my tickets and couldn't find them!!

I guess I am a little worried about driving 7 hours on Friday! Just to be on the safe side, I think we will leave as early as possible. Nothing's gonna stop me now!! Cleveland or Bust!!

Raspberries here we come!!

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Add me to your "crazy dreams" list. Last night I had one that I went to the concert, was inside the place but found I didn't have my tickets. I had to call my mother to bring me the tickets (she's an hour away) and my ribbon. I have balcony seats..in the dream the balcony faced the opposite way of the stage. There were things in the way of view of the stage. I was waiting in front of the stage, things were set up and people were walking around on the stage but the band never came out!!! I guess that was more like a nightmare!!! I felt better when reading the first post on this topic that I'm not the only one dreams like this happen to!!

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IWBBM--That's just you're inner fear that the reunion will be cancelled at the last minute. Fear not, nothing will get in the way of this concert. If you look way back at some old threads you'll see that I have had dreams about missing the Raspberries and Eric in concert. I guess they were more like premonitions, since I am working on the day of the concert. Keep the faith!--Kirk.

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