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Go All the Way on WKLH

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Our local classic rock station is doing a chronological history of Rock n Roll starting with Sgt. Pepper and ending with the Joshua Tree. The year - 1972 - they just played Go all the Way. Goosebumps. I've requested it in the past and it was played, but it's not in their regular rotation. I was wondering if it would be included and am amazed that I was fortunate to even be tuned in when they played it.

It's gotta be an omen !!!!!!!! pray

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I know what you mean Julesberry - 102.9 FM in Atlanta, another classic rock station, plays the heck out of Raspberries/Carmen. Just last week they had Eric and the Boss go head to head in one of these lunch-time voting contests where the theme of the songs are similar. I have a feeling that there are a lot of fans out there in all walks of life ready to support this music if given the chance. I worry that the window of opportunity may be passing. Baby steps never work, not for anything. I know that's easy for me to say just sitting here in my office without knowing much of what's going on, but that's how I feel. There needs to be some kind of brazen but non-offensive stunt to coincide with the DVD/CD's release. I'm serious this time.

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Here's the playlist from last night's show!

Got a chance to talk up the upcoming live release!Jim Benson

Inner Sanctum Playlist 7-15-07

1 – APG – Colorblind

2 – The Raspberries – I Wanna Be With You

3 – Kate Voegele – One Way Or Another

4 – Drenalin – Save The Day

5 – Drenalin – Your Savior (Live!!)

6 – Tracy Thomas – Follow You Down

7 – Drenalin – Inside

8 – Drenalin – Justify

9 – Drenalin – Dissolve (Live!!)

10 – Drenalin - Lost

11 – Audiblethread – Resist

12 – Nimbus – Bring It Back

13 – Nimbus - Lost & Found

14 – Rosella – Bleaker Street

15 – Dead in London – Ohio Is For Killers

16 – Nimbus – Unending Dream

17 – Disengage – University Of Texas Militia

18 – Nimbus – Say The Word

19 – Nimbus – The Moment

What a blast Pat and Jim had this past Sunday with two great bands making some noise on the local scene. They first welcomed Drenalin into the K-Rock Komplex to debut tracks from their forthcoming incredible self titled CD and play 2 great live tunes. You can catch their CD release party this Saturday June 21st at the House of Blues, both Pat and Jim will be in attendance. The guys also welcomed a transplanted L.A. band that now calls Cleveland home. Nimbus whose new CD Unending Dream, in stores now, blew both of the guys away. Catch Nimbus this Thursday at the Hi-Fi and say hi to both Pat and Jim at the show. Also this Saturday down in Akron you can catch a dual CD release party with Tracey Thomas and Ryan Humbert at the Tangier.

Inner Sanctum airs Sunday Night at 10pm on 92.3 fm. Join your host Pat 'the Producer' and Jim Benson for two full hours of great home grown talent!! Bands interested in having their material aired should send it to:

Inner Sanctum


1041 Huron Rd

Cleveland, Oh 44115

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raspathens: I listened tp 102.9 for a while in the car yesterday & it came in kinda fuzzy ( late-night was clear ) so I don't think there in Atlanta + they seem to be touting themselves as a North Georgia Radio station -- which includes a lot of us in north metro anyway. Ah hell --- lets use a search engine ---

the global link ( w/ secondary dead link ):


-- specific link for Majic 102.9 FM :


That may help Al a bit too!!

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Follow Up:

Hi Marilynn,

I'm enjoying following the chronological Rock n Roll History. I'm especially glad you included the Raspberries in 1972 yesterday. Just wanted to let you know that Raspberries have a new Live CD/DVD coming out the end of this month. It was recorded at their 2005 reunion tour concert at the HOB in L.A which we were fortunate to be at that sold out show ! They Still Rock !!!

Just thought I'd let you know as you mentioned that you were a big fan too when I e-mailed in a request for Go All the Way and you were kind enough to play it for me.

Best Regards,


Dear Julie,

You’ll be happy to know that I had that Raspberries song TOTALLY CRANKED here in the ‘KLH studio!!! OMG, I was soooooo in love with Eric Carmen back when that album came out..and I still listen to it all the time as I have a ton of Raspberries in my iPod!

Thank you so much for taking the time to write and let me know about the CD/DVD…and I will definitely be looking for that on Amazon. And – you don’t even wanna know how jealous I am that you got to see them in LA in 05. Wow!

Thanks for being a part of the ‘KLH Chronological journey….enjoy the ride!!


Cool cool

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I'm sitting with the family for lunch yesterday at Phillip's Seafood. Phillip's is located on the pier at Caesars' in Atlantic City. The place is packed. At 12:50 p.m. the room fills with the sound of NGFILA. Perfect. It's followed by America's Daisey Jane. Great way to end our trip to the shore. smile

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Yea Raspy, they do. One warning : Don't order a cosmo at the bar on an empty stomach while waiting for a table. It's giant and potent and dangerous. After lunch the girls went shopping and I wandered into the casino with my 15 year old son. Needless to say, we were kicked out. My son then got on his cell to tell all of his friends that he had been "kicked out of a casino". My wife drove us to the airport AND from Atlanta back to Athens last night. Jeez I feel stupid. insane

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