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Not sure Al. I just finished listening to the Sunset CD in my car and flipped over to the radio and they were playing it. They played a couple more songs after it by other classic artists and I switched over to KNR for some sports news/talk before the DJ came on. Not sure if was the first song of the set and if he introd it or not.

I would bet he might have as NCX is one of the few radio stations left that seems to let the DJ's have some latitude in what they play without a strict playlist.

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I just talked with Bill Louis who is the programming director at WNCX and he says he did play it. He says the only songs listed on the web site are ones in the computer that they "have" to play but they all add personal extras that are not on the list so I was not crazy. He said, yes it came out on Tuesday and he really likes it.

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