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Raspberries: The Clunker List...

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With You In My Life

Money Down 

Rose Coloured Glasses

Studio version of I Can Remember...song itself isn't a clunker but production is a bit clunky to me. Live versions are transcendent and glorious and we're blessed that they exist. 

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I LOVE "With You In My Life"....I skipped it back in the day, but learned to love it sometime probably in the last 20 years. Lot of stuff going on and it´s all brought together to create a fun and melodious little gem.

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I think arrangement, production, and musicianship have a lot to do with how we react to a song. I've heard mediocre songs done with the magical touch and they are outstanding. I've heard great songs let down with weak treatment. Which one is the clunker? 

I've heard Money Down was done a lot different (tempo, etc.) on the demo and the record version let it down. Au contraire, Party's Over just drones on in the demo, but the production number kicks butt!

I think Dave's writing improved with each successive album. Wally had hit material weaved into every album. Eric is well, Eric- he's on the 'no clunker' list!

So, 6 pages into this thread and I still haven't made a clunker list hahahahahahha

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