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Raspberries: The Clunker List...

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Julia good mellow song about Lennons mom.

Little Child standard little early rocker.

LLL a little repetitious but inspiring

The Inner Light psychodelic

Tell Me What You See Psychodelic also

All Together Now fun little song for the kids

It Only A Northern Song powerful chords and lyric

Dr Robert jump back to their rockabily sound

Goodnight great little lullaby for the babies

I wanna be your man standard early shaking hair beatles classic.

I surprised you didnt mention Revolution 9 ... you dont seem to like the white album much.

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Silly Old Bear, this only proves a point I have stated before.....the "B" and "C" grade 'berries songs are, despite what they are, better than a lot of people's "A" list songs.

And(also mentioned before)the "worst" Raspberries tune is still better than the "worst" Beatles, Zeppelin, Elvis or Sinatra song......if you are looking from the "bottom up".

Billy, I agree with you! This is what has led me to ponder why the Raspberries have played other bands' songs at their concerts instead of limiting the show to their own material...which I feel is superior to the cover tunes they have been singing. Of course, this is simply my opinion, and the band may feel differently.
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aggiesjc, from the little that I have read, this sounds like the best concert set yet. After the disappointing cancellation of the San Diego show, I had a feeling that the band would add more Raspberries' material to the Los Angeles concert than the previous shows. I'm really sorry that I had to miss this concert. Personally, I hope that this is a trend that continues, and that future Raspberries' concerts will be "nearly 100 percent Raspberries menu" too!

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aggiesjc, I guess it is obvious that covers don't do much for me either. wink If I had to choose, their rendition of "Mr. Tambourine Man" and "You're Gonna Lose That Girl" were their best covers at the NY/NJ concerts that I attended. (I'm not a big fan of "Needles and Pins", "Baby's In Black", or "I Can't Explain".) If the band feels the need to add another cover tune to their set list, I agree with some of the other message board members that the Raspberries probably could do a great rendition of Badfinger's "No Matter What". However, that being said, I hope that they continue to play a set list of "nearly 100 percent Raspberries"...especially in the NY/NJ area. There are still so many Raspberries songs that I haven't heard at their concerts...including "I Saw the Light", "I Reach For the Light", "On the Beach" and "Starting Over".

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Regarding the subject of performing covers - While I much prefer the Raspberries' originals, I think the occasional well-placed cover kind of raises the energy level of the crowd, especially of newbies who aren't that familiar with the LP cuts. A friend of mine who watched the LA HOB show next to me commented the next day that he wasn't as blown away as he thought he'd be, based on my previous rantings and ravings. He said that the pacing of the show tended to drag in places for him, especially after a couple of ballads or mid-tempo songs that he wasn't too familiar with. I thought - had they pulled out a spot-on Beatles cover like "Ticket To Ride" or maybe "Mr. Tambourine Man" in those spots, it very well might have raised his energy level at that point...and he agreed. Just a thought....

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Tony's tastes are off kilter on this one but he's obviously sincere.

So, Tunesman you better layoff or he's likely to start a rival gang: Cartmillmania" angry ...and then it's all over for the Bundleboys.

But sorry, because I follow the peaceful teachings of "The Darlene-lama", I'll have to stay on the sidelines and watch you all duke it out.

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