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Raspberry reunion??

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If you've read this already, sorry. In today's Rocky Mountain News, Spotlight section on the first page, is List of Lists by the spotlight staff. One list is 3 Bands we'd love to see on a reunion tour. #1 is "The Raspberries: The best live band that almost no one has seen live".

Way to go happy

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ColoradoGal: I tried to find the article online but can't. Can you give me more info, such as who wrote the article, and if the writer has an e-mail address listed anywhere in the paper? Or maybe the piece lists some way to contact the "Spotlight Staff"?

Any info would be appreciated - The Rocky Mountain News was a big supporter of the Berries when they played Denver in '05. I'll make sure you have more Berries' news to read about soon in The Rocky Mountain News!



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Here 'tis:



By Rocky Mountain News

June 30, 2007

Rolling Stone's 100 greatest albums of all time. Entertainment Weekly's 25 greatest action movies. The American Film Institute's new list of the 100 greatest films.

We're a nation that loves to live by lists. From the FBI's Most Wanted to Zagat's top restaurant reviews, we can't get enough. What makes them so prized?

1. We're forgetful. Without them, we'd never remember to pick up our dry cleaning, recall what our kids want for their birthdays or know what movies to rent next from Netflix.

2. We're nosy. Sure, we know it's lame, but we still want to know which kid Angelina loves most, who the country's biggest billionaires are or the 10 books that top Oprah Winfrey's must- read list.

3. We aspire to be hip and trendy. Just ask us about the definitive list of emo bands or which five fashion fads are celebrity faves. Even if we've only downloaded one Death Cab for Cutie song to our iPod and still wear trucker hats, at least we can talk a good game.

And, so, in the name of list-makers everywhere, we offer this collection of completely random and totally subjective lists. Why do we love them so? Let us count the ways.

3 bands we'd love to see on a reunion tour

1. The Raspberries: The best live band that almost no one has seen live.

2. Mott the Hoople: If The Yardbirds can do it, you guys can, too.

3. Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes: This kind of passionate soul act can actually get better as the decades of living add up...


Don Krider smile


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I'm telling you, the stars are aligning again especially with the dvd release to sell at shows. Eric reserve some time at Beechwood and ring up your bandmates. They don't align forever.

Live dvd, new material, and tour.

It's not about age, it's about exposure. There are a niche of kids screaming for this music again in this vast techno/karaoke wasteland. My son is in 6th grade and there are far more AC/DC and Stones T-shirts being worn at soccer practice than 50 Cent or Timberlake.

Just go to an Aerosmith concert, more people half the bands age than at age.

Especially with that newspaper article... how many more signs are needed?

The live dvd comes full circle and documents the legacy very well, but primarily it's preaching to the choir but needs more traction.

This mine has been dug for 30 years and the 'berries are a couple feet away from punching through to daylight and a brand new audience,the fruit has never been lower, lets pick it!!!!!!

Bon Jovi has a team that is a master at publicity. He loves the 'berries. Why not open for JBJ and sell live dvd's?

"Hey Eric

Won't you come out tonight

The stars are dancin'

Like diamonds in the moonlight

And we could never find a better time

To put the band back togeeeeether..."


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Ariel Bender a/k/a Luther Grosvenor was not an original in Mott The Hoople, he replaced Mick Ralphs, who formed Bad Company. Ariel is still alive, He's one of my Myspace Friends. I'd rather see Mick Ralphs, but Ariel would work too. Dale Buffin Griffin & Pete Overend Watts are still alive, both are now record producers, and Overend had a record out in the UK a few years ago. I'm not sure about Verden Phally Allen, who was the original keyboard player, as he is very low profile. Morgan Fisher would be an acceptable replacement, as he replaced Verden in Mott.

The problem with the Raspberries opening for JBJ is his fans would not accept it, unless he intro'd them as important, and the fees that would be offered to the Raspberries would be an insult. My band was offered arena opening slots in the midwest for Aerosmith and Yngwie Malmsteen in the 80s, they offered $50 a show. We couldn't drive from NYC to Milwaukee or Chicago for that kind of money. The Ramones used to charge their opening acts, for example, on a UK tour I went with them on, they made one of the opening acts provide the stage lighting, and the other act paid for the PA and backline amps. When I toured with the Dead Boys, our opening acts got $50, and provided the entire stage setup, drums and amps. Most often, the label or management decides who is opening on a big tour, and the "lucky" chosen band gets basically nothing, except deeper in debt. Also, they would restrict the use of lighting & PA, opening acts generally are allowed about 30% of the lights and 50% of the PA.

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Ian Hunter is also a real cool guy. We had a local band called the Boyzz from Illinoizz who had an album out in 1978. While playing at the Agora in 1978, Ian joined them onstage, as his band was playing in Cleveland at the time and brought Meatloaf, Mick Ronson, Karla Devito and Ellen Foley along for a jam session. The guitarist from the Boyzz told me it was the greatest show he had done. Ian gave them a song he wrote to do live called "One of the boys". He told me what a great guy Ian was. Didn't Ian also write "Cleveland Rocks".

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The problem with opening for someone is that you are a) not the headliner B) limited to a handful of songs c) not "in the money"...

I'd think being the headline act at smaller venues would pay better and offer greater exposure (and access to your fans) than opening for an act like Bon Jovi.

Not to say doing that once or twice wouldn't be cool. Just for the sake of it and to allow perhaps a "Crossroads" type of intro with Bon Jovi entering the stage during a Raspberries encore and then afterward "our boys" leaving the stage to JBJ and crew...

But for a full blown tour I don't see that as viable...

Better to tour casino's and the like. It's somewhat surprising how many smaller yet decent sized venues there are availble around the country. There is one about an hour and a half from where I am called "Jackpot"... Jackpot, NV right at the Idaho/Nevada border... and in the past couple of years we've had Willie Nelson, Heart, Billy Ray Cyrus... and next month the Beach Boys... just to name a few "name" acts.

Obvioulsy I don't know the logistics or the finances, but the venues are there and even small-towns offer the ability to draw from larger ones if they're "centrally located"...

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One Of The Boys is a Mott The Hoople Song, cool that he gave permission to the Boyzz to cover it. I have their LP. And yes, Ian wrote Cleveland Rocks. It originally was called England Rocks, but he changed it by request from the label for more appeal in the USA. The original version can be found on the Shades of Ian Hunter compilation. Raspberries need to be doing those 2 hour long headlining concerts:) First and foremost, they need to get a serious booking agent, not one of these has been type companies like Paradise, but someone cutting edge.

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I heard Ian say there was a version of the song called 'England Rocks' for the British market.Just last week on the late night show with the guy from The Drew Carey Show I again heard him say he wrote Cleveland Rocks because it was the first place they sold out...and always sold out.

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Those of us from the Cleveland area will always be grateful to Ian for writing "Cleveland Rocks." Kid Leo used to play it every Friday evening along with "Friday On My Mind" and "Born to Run" to kick off the weekend when I was in high school.

Frankenberrie, where did you hear that the song was originally called "England Rocks"? When I went to college, every single kid I met from New York or New Jersey tried to convince me that Hunter had not written the song about Cleveland to begin with: "Originally he called it 'London Rocks'" and so on. I told them that was bullshit, we all knew the real story and that it had been "Cleveland Rocks" from the beginning. But of course none of them could believe a song like that had been written about Cleveland, of all places! It just HAD to have been written about someplace else! So they'd say things like "Yeah yeah, Cleveland ROTS!" Too bad it took Drew Carey to shut them up!

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