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CD Sound Quality -- Eric's 1st?

Billy K.

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Got a question for you...all of my 'berries albums, as well as the first two Eric solo, are on vinyl. I realize that the first two 'berries were intended for AM radio, so naturally, it is bit on the "compressed"(mostly midrange)side.

"Side 3" was very much "in your face", as was "Boats..."...now, for the first Eric solo LP, it sounds a bit tinny. Did I have a bad pressing, or was the sound overly compressed? And does the CD sound full-bodied? Was it remastered to sound appreciably better? Anyone have both for comparison?

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Billy, I have both (and on cassette). I think you did get a bad pressing. My LP's (wore out my first copy) sound great, not tinny. I do enjoy listining to vinyl every once in a while but, it's hard to get needles anymore. Listining to the CD, I think it's crisp and clean.

I do have the Japanese version of "Tonight You're Mine" on CD and the quality sounds better than my LP or cassette.

I guess I would tell you to try to get the Japanese version of EC's debut CD if you can get it. Also, maybe check out ebay for a sealed copy of EC's debut LP for a few dollars. I've seen them on there before and try your luck with another LP.

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Billy K.-- You definitely need to check out the Japanese CDs. If you go hunting for 'em on eBay look for the later reissues. The most recent CDs were 20-bit remasters and are really AMAZING.

I'm still stinging over the fact that some of Eric's solo and Raspberries LPs have been released 3!!! times in japan while most of them have yet to surface once here in the States. What an outrage! --Bernie

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