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OMGOSH! This is what my mother was saying the other day. She was watching TV (I help take care of her) and she got all excited yelling for me to come into the room as there was something coming up about the Raspberries. When I got there she said, "Oh no, they're ants!" I said "Mama, there's more than one thing on the planet that has to do with Raspberries." Bless her 81 year old heart. heartpump
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It sounds like Tom Rasberry lost the fight! I read about these creatures the other day. Ewww is right! Once, for a microsecond, I fantasized about staking my old boss out on a pile of fire ants. If he were still here, I'd add these critters to my fantasy...

smile --D

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YOu know, I have met a number of people to to whom I'd like to do the same thing! Poeple who make me say, "Ahhh!!! Oh No!!!!!!"

Door ro door salesmen are some of the ones on my list. Crummy lawyers. Bitchy store clerks. Bad superindendants... Oh no! My horns are starting to show again.

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