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A classical moment mentioning you-know-who


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Ah, a Rachmaninoff tribute, complete with a reference to Eric, at the Hollywood LAist site:


Never mind the headline (Ride of the Valkyries) and first paragraph. Go right to the 2nd graph and the video clip, which features Helene Grimaud (a hot pianist!) playing Rachmaninoff's 2nd Piano Concerto and Claudio Abaddo conducting the Lucerne Festival Orchestra.

I get a kick out of the "My Girl" section (go to 3:20ish if you're impatient).

Here's the reference to Eric:

"This week in classical music history was a notable one for Russian composer Sergei Rachmaninoff, who was born on April 1st and died on March 28th. A late Romantic, Rachmaninoff is best known for his piano works. The Piano Concerto No. 2 in C Minor is one of the most popular and difficult works in the repertoire, a typical work of Rachmaninoff. The second movement was used as the basis for Eric Carmen's hit song "All By Myself."

"Rachmaninoff was often self-critical and self-conscious of his works; he destroyed the score of his 1st Symphony right after the premiere (luckily the orchestra members saved their parts). The 2nd Piano Concerto begins with a simple chord progression which gives way to the orchestra who comes in with the theme, giving Rachmaninoff or another pianist time to warm up with the difficult passage going on simultaneously...."

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I love the "My Girl" section too! The first time I actually listened to the whole symphony it just tickled me to death: out of nowhere comes that oh-so-familiar French horn melody, and all of a sudden, BINGO, I realize the second movement wasn't the only one Eric got inspiration from...

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