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EC on VH1 Classic


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Not to knock VH1 Classic, but I think a lot of what determines what gets on there is how expensive the video is to show. I'm assuming they have to pay somebody licensing fees for it. Whenever I've watched, it seems like they're always playing some obscure non-hit song by a 1-hit wonder, or some lame live take of a song that was a hit. And way too much stuff by groups that were never very popular in the first place. Now, if you're one of the fans of the obscure band, or a known band's obscure song, it's great! But I very often find myself going "who?" or "they had another video?". I imagine it must be cheaper to run those than popular stuff from well-known groups.

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I don't know if it's a blessing or a curse, but in Canada we can't access VH-1. Our 'music' video channels consist of "Much Music" and "Much More Music" - and I'm guessing that they're not any better than what passes for music on the U.S. channels.

Just wait until VH-1 runs "Rapberries Reunion: Cleveland, OH, November 26th." Then every nasty thing any of us have ever said about VH-1 will be only a memory.


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