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A word about the reviews I've been posting…

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How can any critic write a bad review about a band that after 31 years can still ROCK AND ROLL, sell out their shows, show great showmanship and sound BETTER THAN EVER ?!?!?

But, there is "one in every bunch". And if that "one" does surface and write a bad review.....well....I do have a "Cousin Louie"....and for a small fee .... :rolleyes:

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Even those critics who didn't care for the band back in the 70's will most likely now admit that the music, which may have seemed out of step for the time (no 8 minute flute or drum solos, etc.), is as timeless as The Beatles, Stones, etc. If there's anything negative said about this new release at all, it might have to do with the fact that there's no new material....but I doubt this will come up, as the point of the shows was to get back together again and play, not to start writing and recording new songs.

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