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The Great Gatsby is in the HOUSE!


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My 16 year old daughter MK has brought "The Great Gatsby" home as one of her assigned readings and I am very pleased as punch to report she is really enjoying Fitzgerald.

I did (OF COURSE) tell her that she will listen to "Boats" when she finishes the book so that, maybe, finally, inevitably, she will understand why her mother is such a devoted EC admirer. I am trying to get her to understand that it was a visceral connection to Eric's songwriting long before it was a visual attraction.

I just vividly remember making the connection from Gatsby to Boats and feeling like I had discovered a massive secret. That feeling of joyful elation in my chest comes right back as if it were yesterday. LuvLove

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I can honestly say that I was not made to read Gatsby in high school. I only did because of Eric and BATC! From then on I was a voracious Fitzgerald reader, and it was all due to Eric.

It wasn't until I got to an American Lit class in college that I actually had to read Fitz as part of my classwork...we got assigned to read one of his short stories in an anthology.

The story? "Winter Dreams."


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Robert Redford did introduce me to Fitzgerald.

The Great Gatsby was the first movie that I searched for the other works of an author.

From then on, I loved F Scott Fitzgerald passionately, secretly. That summer I read all of his work, while my friends read Tiger Beat.

In my adolescent mind most of his hero's did look like Robert Redford. I was Judy Jones, Jordan Baker, Daisy Buchanan and Nicole Diver, Cecelia Brady and even Zelda, but Only their best unobtainable qualities and not A beautiful little fool

Who knows how my life would have turned out if I had heard Boats Against the Currents during that period of my life?


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I watched the movie and didn't understand it at the time, but now I do. It was a page out of history. My Mom grew up in the Roaring Twenties and my father lost his father then.

And yes, I bought Tigerbeat with my saved up allowance just to see David Cassidy. My apologies to Eric Carmen for my misjudgment at that time. I didn't know any better. I was only 14.

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PM777 - you crack me up!!!

I find it endearing to share such an important piece of literature with my beloved daughter. I have taken so much CRAP from her about my love/devotion/groupiedom of Eric and the Berries that it will be a stupendous event to have her make the connection!!!

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