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For the record...


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Who has a signed "Dave" pic to trade for a extra "Jim" or "Wally" pic? That way I'd have a complete set. But I also thought I saw a Paul Sidoti pic out there too, so I'd also trade for one of them also.

My highlight of the evening was when I told Eric he needed a new pic and he flipped the one he was using for most of the evening right into my hands (nobody is getting that one...Thanks, Eric).

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For the record...Paul and Billy had pic's made for the show. We ordered a gross of pic's for each person and I believe they are all gone. I think we will reorder for the NYE show. Being Wally's guitar tech since the Target days it was nice to see him finally get his own pic. Problem is "I did not keep one for myself". It seems over the years I have worked with Wally, Dave , Jim and Eric and neer saved much at all.

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I have an Eric pic from the floor (I STILL feel bad for Kazumi - I picked it up but I saw her face: she wanted one as much as I did - Eric please send her one!! Or give her one at the New years Eve show!!)

a wally pic, a Paul pic.

Very neat idea - but harry, you got the pic from the man himself. Cool!

See what I mean about Gene? Such a sweetheart!

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