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Rankings of All-Time favorite EC songs


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Hey Steve

I broke up with my fiance and spent most of the time singing "Hurts Too Much". It should be on the list somewhere of breakup songs.

Can you tell I REALLY want people to like "Hurts Too Much"? spin

As for other songs that for some unexplained reason have not made it to the charts, I have to agree with you - almost of them should have been there. There are only a couple of songs I never listen too - the rest are all classics!


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Hey Michelle!

Thanks for adding "Hurts Too Much" and "Tonight You're Mine". Believe it or not, I first heard the "Tonight You're Mine" album only within the past year ( am I kicked out of EricCarmen.com for saying that?). So I've only listened to those songs (and the "Change of Heart" songs) about 30 times as opposed to EC's other songs which I've listened to hundreds or thousands of times. Eric sounds angry in "HTM", which is appropriate for the lyrics but it's an unsettling song. I know it is comforting to know someone else has gone through something you've gone through and had the same feelings, but it's the kind of song I just don't want to keep listening to. I feel the same way about "All By Myself" and "Never Gonna Fall In Love Again" - both masterpieces but SO SAD! I think that Eric's best love songs (see the rankings) are INTOXICATING, and much safer than drugs!

P.S.- Sorry about your breakup.


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Hey Steve

Don't be sorry about the breakup, I'm certainly not! crazy The guy was a creep, hence the reason I probably like HTM so much, I was more mad than sad at the time.

BTW, I married a great guy 11 years ago, and we just had a baby boy, so it all worked out for the best.

No, you don't get kicked out for only having just recently listened to TYM. Hey, I haven't even heard the latest album yet (YIKES). It's REALLY hard to get a copy of it here! I'm am trying my hardest to locate one, howver.


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(Steve, We won't mention this to Eric, but I have it reserved at the Public Library, and I should be getting it any day now. Like I said, it's a VERY hard album to get ahold of, and there is only one copy in our whole library system here. Of course, I would NEVER burn a copy of the CD to my computer) wink


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I ranked these songs last week sometime and finally have a chance to post. Steveh, I used your list and from that I picked my top 10.

As I type this now I want to change my rankings, but I won't. I guess that is how I felt at that time I sat down and ranked them. And, you are right, this is something fun to do while we wait for the big tour announcement.


1. The Way We Used To Be

2. I Was Born To Love You

3. She Remembered

4. I Can Remember

5. Let's Pretend

6. Starting Over

7. All For Love

8. Boats Against The Current

9. Love Is All That Matters

10. Don't Want To Say Goodbye

Power Pop

1. Go All The Way

2. I wanna Be With You

3. Tonight

4. Overnight Sensation

5. Ecstacy

6. That's Rock and Roll

7. It Hurts Too Much

8. Tonight You're Mine

9. You Took Me All The Way

10. She Did It


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My all time favorite:

She Remembered -- it's just so gorgeous.

Others (too difficult to do it in any order, because I love them all, but some at the "top" of my list are:

I Wanna Be With You

If You Change Your Mind

I Saw The Light

I Can Remember

I Can Hardly Believe You're Mine



Living Without Your Love

Sleep With Me

My Girl

Love Is All That Matters

Born To Love You

I Wanna Take Forever Tonight

I'm Through With Love

Nowhere To Hide

Boats Against The Current

Wild Wild Heart (all of these should be way up on the list! That's why they're not in the order I love them! I LOVE THEM ALLLLLLL!)

Then Add to that EVERY OTHER ONE Raspberries and Eric have done and you know why I can never choose just one or rank them. THANKS A MILLION ERIC AND BERRIES!

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Nice list! I like your #1 choice - that just happens to be the song I played for my sister who recently was reunited with a guy she dated in high school 30 years ago. She had only vaguely known about Eric's songs, but she loves "She Remembered". I never get tired of listening to it.


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Steveh -- going back to your post on page one -- songs that Eric sounds like Rod Stewart -- how about Take it or Leave It.

I'll add one for you: song where Eric reminds me of Billy Joel -- It Hurt's Too Much. Released right around that Joel was hot as hell with the Stranger and 42nd Street.

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