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Rankings of All-Time favorite EC songs


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Since we have nothing to do except to wait for who knows how long to see EC on stage, I thought it would be fun to (as impossible as this sounds) rank Eric's songs, including his Raspberries songs that he wrote and sang. I also thought it would be interesting to divide them into two categories: ballads/soft rock and power pop. Some songs are hard to categorize but I did my best. Here goes nothing with my rankings:


1. Everytime I Make Love To You

2. Boats Against The Current

3. I Was Born To Love You

4. Love is All That Matters

5. Nowhere to Hide

6. Runaway

7. All By Myself

8. Starting Over

9. I Wanna Take Forever Tonight

10.Never Gonna Fall in Love Again

11.Almost Paradise

12.I Can Remember

13.Isn't it Romantic

14.She Remembered

15.Let's Pretend

16.Someone That You Loved Before

17.I Can Hardly Believe You're Mine

18.Desperate Fools

19.If You Change Your Mind

20.Don't Want to Say Goodbye

21.Foolin' Myself

22.I'm Through With Love

23.Sleep With Me

24.I Reach For the Light

25.Nobody Knows

26.Heaven Can Wait

27.All For Love

28.I Saw the Light


30.The Way We Used to Be

31.Change of Heart

32.Walk Away Renee

33.Living Without Your Love


35.On Broadway

36.I Think I Found Myself

Power Pop:

1. Cruisin' Music

2. I Wanna Be With You

3. Go All The Way

4. Overnight Sensation

5. Top Down Summer

6. I Could Really Love You

7. She Did It

8. My Girl

9. Hey Deanie

10.No Hard Feelings

11.On The Beach

12.All Through the Night


14.You Took Me All The Way

15.That's Rock and Roll

16.The Inside Story



19.It Hurts Too Much

20.American As Apple Pie

21.I Wanna Hear It From Your Lips



24.Drivin' Around

25.I Don't Know What I Want

26.Cartoon World

27.Last Night

28.Lost In the Shuffle

29.Come Back to My Love

30.End of the World

31.You Need Some Loving

32.Haven't We Come A Long Way Baby

33.Baby I Need Your Lovin'

34.Tonight You're Mine

35.Marathon Man

36.Maybe My Baby

37.Great Expectations

38.Take It or Leave It

39.I'm a Rocker

What do you guys think? For me, this was like ranking all-time great quarterbacks - when you grow up emulating Joe Namath, thinking he's the greatest ever, then a few decades later Dan Marino comes along, you have to admit that sometimes the new guys are better than the old. EC isn't getting older - he's getting better!

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I always have so much trouble ranking Eric's songs because depending on any given day, time or mood, certain songs speak to me at the moment more than others.

Two things NEVER change for me, though: My all- time favorite is "She Remembered" for the ballad category, and "I Wanna Be With You" for rock. That hasn't changed in thirty years! Why? Because "dreams are forever, and some things you never forget..." --Darlene

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Darlene and Michelle,

Trying to rank Eric's songs is like splitting hairs. I wouldn't argue at all with anyone whose favorite EC power pop song is in my top 20 or favorite ballad is in my top 25. In my book, he's made at least 45 GREAT songs, and my favorites do change frequently.

Michelle, if I ranked It Hurts Too Much higher than #19, I wouldn't know which song to rank lower! The same goes for your favorites, Darlene. But I agree with both of you -- these are classics.


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I'm with you on that Darlene! "Dreams are forever, and some things you never forget..." It is such a powerful line. And the way the words flow in the song, the story is vividly ingrained in your mind. Not only that, but the music hits at your heartstrings. Definitely a genius of a song! happy

Still, there are just too many balads that are gems...wow!

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I agree with everyone about trying to rank EC's songs. Tough...Very tough.

I give you alot of credit. It does look like you did take alot of time researching EC's songs to make your list. If I were to make my list, it would take weeks to make it. I would have to tell you that "Foolin' Myself" is my favorite song by EC and everything else is in second place. laugh

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Man is this hard or what? Using your lists my top 5 ballads in no particular order are: "Runaway", "Nowhere to Hide", "Desperate Fools", "I Reach For The Light", and "Boats Against the Current". A little heavy on the Boats album, but great is great. My power pop only disagrees on one song. When I first heard "I'm A Rocker" I knew that EC wasn't just a balladeer, that he could rock with the best of them. Also in my top 5 are, "I Wanna Be With You", "Play On", "Overnight Sensation" (AWESOME) and "It Hurts Too Much". Oh man, I just forgot "Sleep With Me"! How can you list genius?


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Hi Foolin' Myself and jetlin1!

Yeah, I thought a lot about the rankings, and yeah it's just about impossible, but still interesting to find out - if you just HAD to choose - what your favorite songs are. One thing I learned when I really re-listened to the songs is that the songs I heard most (oldest songs) I grew to like more, possibly just because I heard them more. I learned that the more I listen to IWBTLY (the whole CD), the more I like it. So it is difficult to compare the newer songs with the older ones. I still think Cruisin' Music is the happiest song I ever heard! Thanks for the feedback.


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I agree that it is very difficult to "rank" the songs, but if I had to say, this is the ONE that really does it for me, I'd have to pick "The Way We Used To Be" from the Geffen album. I absolutely love that song. It is just a song that brings me to tears and has a lot of meaning for me. It's also the song that brought me full circle to Eric's music. I had always loved "GATW" and "I Wanna Be With You" and absolutely loved "All By Myself" and "Never Gonna Fall In Love Again" but I really hadn't realized that they were all the same person. (some DJ's never tell ya who it is!). Anyway, while watching "Days of our Lives" back in my

dorm room with my best friend, "The Way We Used To Be" got some airtime for a couple of days as a theme song for Pete and Melissa. I loved it and had to have it. My bf said it was "Eric Carmen", I said, "Who's that?" , "The guy that sings 'All By Myself', you know, the lead singer from the Raspberries". Until that moment, I had no knowledge of all of this (duh). I just knew that all of those songs had really left a mark on me. It was a mission from that point on to try to get everything he'd ever recorded.

Steveh, you've been reading my mind. When I was driving home from work tonight I was listening to "My Heart Stops" and I thought, that's just the happiest little song. It'll never be a huge hit, it isn't particularly a brilliant piece of music, but it is just a 'feel good' song. Likewise with "Cartoon World", "Sunrise", "Cruisin' Music", "Top Down Summer" and "I Wanna Hear It From Your Lips". (I'm not saying these can't be hits-I love everything that Eric does--I'm the one that would buy a CD of him clearing his throat!!!) The 'happy' Raspberry tunes that come to mind are "Hands On You", "With You In My Life" and "Drivin' Around". All songs that make you feel great, forget your troubles and smile laugh --Julie

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Hi Julie!

Thanks for your feedback. You listed some great happy songs - Eric makes us feel good. Don't feel bad about not knowing - initially - that EC sang the songs you heard on the radio. For some reason, he isn't quite as famous as we think he "should" be (I don't like the should word). My interest in EC diminished in the 90's for some reason - I think it's because I didn't know he had recorded anything. Then, through the internet, I discovered I was missing some of his work, and I got addicted (not too bad of an addiction!).

Speaking of happy songs, here's my list:

1.Cruisin' Music

2.Top Down Summer

3.Every Time I Make Love To You


5.My Girl

6.Hey Deanie

7.She Did It

8.I Could Really Love You

9.Love is All That Matters

10.I Wanna Be With You


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Well, here is my list of Eric & Raspberries favorite songs in no order: Raspberries: Go All The Way, I Can Remember Fresh: Goin' Nowhere Tonight, Let's Pretend, Nobody Knows & Drivin' Around Side 3: Tonight & Should I Wait Starting Over: Overnight Sensation (Hit Record), All Through The Night, Cruisin' Music & Starting Over Eric Carmen (Arista): Never Gonna Fall In Love Again & No Hard Feelings Boats Against The Current: She Did It & the title track Change Of Heart: title track Tonight You're Mine: It Hurts Too Much Eric Carmen (Geffen): She Remembered Best Of & Definitive Collection: Make Me Lose Control & I Was Born To Love You (Winter Dreams): title track & Top Down Summer. Matt

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More lists:

EC songs that sound like the Beach Boys:

1. Cruisin' Music

2. Top Down Summer

3. Drivin' Around

EC songs that sound like The Who:

1. I Don't Know What I Want

EC songs that sound like the lead vocal was Rod Stewart:

1. All Through the Night

Anyone for more lists?


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More rankings:

Favorite Raspberries:

1. Eric Carmen

2. Eric Carmen

3. Eric Carmen

4. Eric Carmen

Top 10 ways to tell if you are addicted to Eric Carmen/Raspberries:

1. All of your statements are lines from EC songs

2. All of your thoughts are lines from EC songs

3. You go to a Beatles tribute concert and tell the person sitting next to you that the Raspberries were better than the Beatles

4. You are late for work because you can't get out of the car because you can't turn the music off

5. You are fired from your job because you are caught listening to EC instead of working

6. Your spouse accuses you of loving EC more than you love him/her, and you admit it

7. While attending a sports event, while the national anthem is playing, you start belting out "American As Apple Pie"

8. You find yourself being happy only when listening to EC/Rasp.

9. The only website you visit is EricCarmen.com

10.You completely read this list!


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Steveh ~ 10 more Ericism's for you:

1) Going into a music store just to move Eric/Raspberries CDs to the front.

2) Making sure you have a free day on August 11th, listening for mentions of his birthday on the radio.

3) The first thing you say to your prospective spouse is “Have you heard of Eric Carmen?”

4) To give yourself confidence or luck, you whisper to yourself, “Eric Carmen, Eric Carmen, Eric Carmen” over and over again. It makes you feel better.

5) Having his name printed on everything you can think of.

6) Buying an "Eric' and a "Carmen' magnet for your fridge.

7) Having an initialised ring made with "EC'.

8) Screaming out loud every time you hear his name mentioned.

9) Plugging Eric's name at every opportunity.

10) Spelling Eric Carmen in alphabetical spaghetti around your plate.

Eric Carmen Rules ~ spread the word.


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Great List! I would also add to your list that you loan a copy of an EC CD or tape to your most trusted friends - that's the least you can do for a good friend who may not be familiar with EC! I will try some of your suggestions. Thanks.


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Hi blackhawkpat!

Great list - I think I would put about 50 songs on your list. I think many of Eric's songs suffer from lack of airplay. Also, it seems to me that there are few radio stations playing power pop unless the songs were already hits. Same goes for ballads. As long as Eric keeps making great CD's and is making a comfortable living, we're happy and I hope he's happy. Though a concert would be nice...


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This Was Tough...

This is how I felt today. Ask me again tomorrow and my answers could change.


25. If You Change Your Mind

24. Someone That You Loved Before

23. Everything

22. Change Of Heart

21. All For Love

20. Almost Paradise

19. Desperate Fools

18. I Was Born To Love You

17. Heaven Can Wait

16. I'm Through With Love

15. Let's Pretend

14. Love Is All That Matters

13. I Wanna Take Forever Tonight

12. Runaway

11. The Way We Used To Be

10. Sleep With Me

09. Starting Over

08. Nowhere To Hide

07. All By Myself

06. Boats Against The Current

05. I Can Remember

04. She Remembered

03. Never Gonna Fall In Love Again

02. Don't Wanna Say Goodbye


Power Pop:

25. Take It Or Leave It

24. American As Apple Pie

23. Someday

22. Lost In The Shuffle

21. The Inside Story

20. Cartoon World

19. That's Rock 'N' Roll

18. All Through The Night

17. Hey Deanie

16. Come Back To My Love

15. Last Night

14. I Wanna Hear It From Your Lips

13. Tonight You're Mine

12. Haven't We Come A Long Way Baby

11. Tonight

10. Ecstacy

09. She Did It

08. Baby I Need Your Lovin'

07. It Hurts Too Much

06. Overnight Sensation

05. End Of The World

04. Marathon Man

03. Sunrise

02. Go All The Way


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Hi Foolin' Myself!

Congratulations on the exhausting list! I know what you mean about changing your mind. The more I listen to an EC CD, the more I like it. Just one question: what didn't you like about some of the songs I ranked really high, like: Everytime I Make Love To You, Cruisin' Music, Top Down Summer, I Could Really Love You, and Hey Deanie? (Not that I'm criticizing you - just curious). How many times have you listened to the IWBTLY CD? The more I listen to it, the more I like it.


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I love IWBTLY and the whole CD. I guess I'm just more of an old school listener. I guess I kinda got burned out on "Hey Deanie" and the fact that Sean Cassidy did it as well. That's the same with "That's rock 'n' roll".

I guess that I've been blown away with EC's debut, "Boats against the current", "Change of heart" and "Tonight you're mine" LP's, Cassettes and now CD's over the years that they are more presious to me.

EC's Geffen self titled CD is an exception (I guess) since I have "She Remembered" at #3 and "The way we used to be" at #11. I hope this kinda answers your question.

I like the other posts you have been putting on this thread as well.

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Hi everyone!

Boy, did I goof! I was listening to "The Best of Eric Carmen" in the car yesterday when I realized I hadn't ranked "Hungry Eyes" and "Make Me Lose Control". Then I looked at my list and I decided I couldn't rank them above about #25. By the way, these two songs sound pretty similar! Did I miss any other songs?


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Rankings of Breaking-Up Songs:

1.Boats Against the Current

2.Don't Want To Sat Goodbye

3.Never Gonna Fall In Love Again

4.Foolin' Myself

5.Someone That You Loved Before

6.I'm Through With Love

Top Songs To Play At Your Wedding:

1.Love Is All That Matters

2.I Was Born To Love You

3.Almost Paradise

4.I Wanna Be With You

5.My Girl

6.I Wanna Take Forever Tonight

7.I Can Hardly Believe You're Mine

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