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Raspberries autographed guitar !!!!!


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Actually it's an autographed pickguard, and you can choose the color of guitar that you want. Seems to me I remember someone standing in line at the Cleveland M&G in Nov 94 with pickguards in hand. The signatures do indeed look authentic, but with it being on the pickguard it kinda takes away from the "Hey, Wally/Eric/Dave/Jim held this guitar and I got them to sign it!" excitement. Just my 3/4 cents worth.

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I know exactly where this item came from. As we were waiting for our bags in NYC, a few autograph seekers were waiting for the guys with stacks of memorablilia. I remember saying to Dave, that it was very cool that people showed up to the airport to greet them,but looked like autograph sharks that would turn around and try to sell it for a profit. Kinda ironic that the item location is NY. I even said to myself before checking it out, "I bet it's the one in blue sharpie from NY". Hmmm....anyways, congrats Bernie and Ken on Marathon Man!

Off to the Browns/Steelers game. Maybe this is the year we can all rub it in JB's face that the Steelers lost. (yeah, right..) It's the McDonalds's War... Berger's vs. Frye's.

Merry Christmas!


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The price does not seem like so much, especially considering this guy went out to the airport to get the autograph, and spent time. Is this a working guitar? If so, how much is the guitar alone worth? $50? I think it is an interesting business idea -- run out with guitar pickguards, and mix and match. But, how much can he profit?

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Autograph sharks, indeed. It's one thing to want an "autograph." And it's nice to have "one" from your favorite whoever. But to harass celebs to sign autographs (more than one) just for the sole purpose of selling them to poor people who will pay anything to "feel better about themselves" just because they own original signatures of a celebrity is "icky," in my estimation.

We all prize our autographed copies of ECMM and cherish pics of ourselves in Raspberries Tonight and would love an autographed copy of "Overnight Sensation," but these all give us "personal" pleasure, because we know those efforts were "labors of love" and exalt a band we feel is the best one ever.

To hound celebrities (I'm thinking of how absolutely exhausted the guys were after the very first show at the meet and greet) to sign articles, just to be mercenary and put them up on E-bay is, in my view, VERY tacky. And "stinky."

Just MY 2 cents worth.

Come to think of it, maybe that's why many Hollywood stars, such as Paul Newman, refuse to give autographs. They know by now that many to most people just sell them.

frown --Darlene

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This reminds me of the jerk that asked Stone Cold Steve Austin the wrestler for an autograph to "his friend Ebay". This is why most wrestlers, who never used to personalize stuff, now insist on signing things only to a person's name. My friend loves the Who, and has gotten Townshend's autograph a few times. One time he was waiting, and a guy gave a whole stack of LPs to Pete. Pete asked who he wanted them signed to, and the guy said to please not personalize them. Pete gave him everything back unsigned:) Autographs are only cool if you obtain it in person, it's like proof you met that person. I have a great John Belushi autograph from when I met him in 1981, signed "To Mike, Stay Kool" to me, and have been told it's worth $200, but would have been worth $3-400 unpersonalized. But I don't care, it means more to me for the memory.

PS I just checked his auction, its a cheap junk knockoff not a Fender strat, and he is in violation of Ebay Terms of sale which forbid offering certificates of authenticity.These jerks go to shows with pickguards and swap them out on junk guitars. I know a guy that used to work for John Scher concert promoter, and he got fired after repeatedly asking stars to sign his pickguards.

If the Raspberries want to stop these jerks, just personalize every autograph, making them worthless for resellers.

If they don't want it personalized, give them their junk back. Paul, they weren't waiting just for you guys, these trolls are like stalkerazzi, hanging in the airport all day & bothering anyone they think is anyone. I've been stopped several times in Newark Airport by "autograph seekers" that don't know who I am, but because I have long hair & am a rocker (that looks kinda like a younger Gene Simmons) they assume I'm famous.Jerks.

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A few years ago, my daughter's favorite hockey player was/is former Chicago Blackhawk Tony Amonte.

Tony was appearing at a car dealer to sign autographs, so I took her there to meet him. He was very patient, as the lines were extremely long, but there was a sign that said he would sign two items at the maximum to keep it moving.

The guy in front of us, about 40-45, pulled out probably 100 hockey cards of Tony. Amonte asked, "what do you want me to sign?" and the guy said "all of them. I have stood in line for an hour and it's the least you can do."

I'll never forget Tony making eye contact with me, as if to say "do you believe this guy?". Amonte said, "I'm only supposed to sign two things, but I can sign about five for you, There are a lot of people waiting here." The guy just flipped out and started complaining about "rich athletes" and "prima donnas" and how he is "just trying to make a buck, too", clearly wanting to sell these cards, not collect them. The guy started shouting "forget it then" and stormed off.

My daughter, then ten, had a book of about 200 hockey cards of Tony that we had collected. He said "what do you want me to sign, honey?" , so I jokingly said "all of them" and he burst out laughing. He said to her, "for you, beautiful, I would sign all of them" and she was in her glory!

We told him she just wanted the book itself signed and while he did it, he also said, "are you sure you don't want me to sign any individuals? How about these two? These are pretty cool. I've never even seen some of these." He graciously posed for a picture with his arm around her, allowing her to get behind the table he was at.

Now, that "fan" in front of us probably goes around telling people what a "jerk" Tony is, when in reality, he is a total fan friendly athlete.

It's people like that seller that make musicians, athletes, actors, etc not want to sign stuff and how can you blame them?

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There is a casual b&w group photo of the guys in TONIGHT! I shot it in 1973. I printed another copy that very night and drove back to the Holiday Inn where they signed it. Sell it on Ebay? Never. I wouldn't even do that to a band I didn't like.

PS Paul... Happy Holidays and I hope to see you in the New Year.

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To stop these "autograph sharks" (I like that term) would be easy --- the guys should sell autographed, new, working guitars themselves. At RickSpringfield.Com, Rick Springfield is selling brand new autographed guitars for $500, which seems pretty reasonable to me, and I would rather pay the artist for such a thing.

Me, I've never sold an autographed item in my collection --- they mean too much to me (and my collection includes Raspberries, Bill Medley (signed my "Dirty Dancing" program), Cheap Trick (autographed drum head and drum sticks, the latter which were personally chewed by Bun E. Carlos), Aerosmith (their autobiography signed by all five guys), Joey Molland (sadly, the only Badfinger member I've ever met), and many others). To the fan, these things mean a lot: a memory, a special moment.

The only thing I'm bidding on are the autographed photos of Eric Carmen choking Tony Cartmill that are going like hotcakes on Ebay (they put them in the colored, Raspberry-scented frame of your choice, with a certificate of authenticity)... just kidding Tony, I think you "rock" buddy...

Don smile

P. S.: Happy Holidays to the everyone!

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Darlene, funny you mention they should sign fake names! I have a 45 by Police Drummer Stewart Copeland from 1978, released under the name Klark Kent. When I met the band in 1979, I asked him to sign it. He smiled and said sure, then signed it "Yasser Arafat"

These goofs selling the Raspberries guitar obviously aren't aware of the relatively small fan base and the fact that anyone that really cares could have gone to a meet and greet and gotten a real Fender Strat signed in person for less than that junker they are shilling.

I can wait til RasFest 2006 to get my stuff signed:)

And at $500 for a guitar, Rick better come to my house & personally deliver it, and then cook me dinner:) Merry F'n Christmas to all you berries!

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Hello, everyone.

I really don't know if their's a ask eric anymore, but, I'm going to post this here for everyone to read.

Eric, I read the part in the book, Raspberries-Tonight", you mention that you would rather play the Raspberries group instead of going solo.

You know Eric your great at both, but,

Does that mean your solo career and solo concerts are on hold until further notice?

I think more Raspberries fresh NEW MATERIAL AND from where you left off would be a wonderful and surprise idea.

After all, Raspberries do Rock On, and deserve a long more of straight road of performance to Raspberries fans and New fans.

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