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Darlene is sandbagging, letting Marvin THINK he has a chance to reach 1000 posts first. He's only about a 100 behind right now, with about 50 to go for Darlene to hit the magic number. Any bets on who gets there first? Kirk (only about 600+ behind).

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Hi! I'm back again. I just came on to browse and saw Gord's post re: Darlene, and thought "Uh oh, WHAT about Darlene?!" Then I read the thread and thought "Wow, how nice! It was so nice reading that someone misses me! Thanks. I really needed something like that. I have a boss that's driving me nuts (I'll bet a lot of people here can relate)

and I've also been busy sweepstaking--lots of my sweeps close in November and December, but I've been fine. I have had a lot of gigs "'tis the season") and have been out almost every night to a symphony rehearsal or concert (and December is even busier), but I never leave the board for long. My husband is betting on me to reach 1000 first, only because he thinks I'm overpoweringly wordy on the subject of Eric's music. He wishes I'd be more of a "Lemonade Girl" at home though!

When I've "had it" with everything else, I escape to my two paradises, the violin and EC music (sometimes both--I play with some of the cuts and improvise). EC.com is another oasis in the desert of life for me. I feel very close to the people here.

smile --D

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True! You and Mrs. Dave should make a date with Herman and me to meet somewhere in Cranbury for a day. If we make it around Christmas, maybe Marvin and Kristy would be able to come too. They go to Metuchen sometimes. I never knew "Raspbernie" lived in New Jersey until I met him at the New Brunswick performance of the All Starr Band tour Eric did. Now I don't feel so "ABM".

smile --Darlene

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