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thanks for your time darlene.i mentioned to you that i was actually a big eric fan- and while i certanly knew the legend, and the rock press's view of the raspberries, i really only knew the big 5 or 6 raspberries songs. that concert was the only one i have ever attended in which i loved and remembered each song that i was hearing for the first time long after the concert was over.now iown most of the music and it's almost paradise!please write soon.

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Posting the question would violate the rules of not attacking an individual. You might know that I was involved in the Cleveland Music Scene for many years. During that time, I came in contact with someone that I wished I never had. Eric had his own dealings with this person too. My question was a statement about this person and then asking if Eric agreed. I did it more to make Eric laugh than expecting a response. I hope this will satisfy everyone.


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Aw, Bernie....pleeeaaaase ! I'm experiencing major symptoms of Raspberries concert withdrawl.... crazy

Just one teeny little hint ?? ...you KNOW *I* won't tell a soul wink ..new music..more concerts...DVD..??!!??

How about I just keep guessing....and you tell me if I'm getting warm... laugh

Anyone else just "FEEL" like something exciting is in the air ? M.

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