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Happy Birthday, ERIC!

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Happy Birthday Eric, you da man, and a class act.

With all these forces coming together, new book, new finished and polished song, the apex of your website activity, I hope you at least consider a new cd (I know it's not that simple with all the legal and business issues). Hey all the work is in composing, the bulk of the cd can be drawn in from your already unreleased material, plus some new gems I know you have, with the title track of Never Say Die, what a great comeback song name.

You know the musicains to ring up and rerecord the unreleased and the new stuff, just rent Beechwood for 2 weeks, and let's make this. I'll bet you can get Jim to give up a week on the Raspberry to come in and lay down some tracks. Be sure and video the making of the CD, as that will also be a hot DVD seller. Then your website fans will all fly in for the making of the single video as free extras. No record deal? So what let's do it anyway and sell it on the Internet. Bernie didn't have a publishing deal either, but man his book is a hot item.

I always tell my kids, when you're reflecting on your life, the number of things that you did and regret, will usually pale to the number of things you didn't do, and now regret.

What the heck..?

We're behind you no matter what, but I thought I'd take a shot and throw in my 2 cents..

Happy Birthday my man!

Seattle Steve

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Eric, you should've come to Bernie's and had some of the cake I took to the party, everyone had a piece (or 5 or 6) of your cake but you! The food and drink were excellent, and the people even better (I even liked marvin, even tho he dislikes Winter Dreams wink ), you should try to come to one of these get togethers and meet your loyal fans, they're a great bunch.

I got home pretty late last night from the party, and had to be at work way too early this morning, so I haven't had a chance to read even one word of Marathon Man yet, but I did open the cover and touch the autograph and thought "wow, HE touched this!", and that alone got me thru the day spin

Enjoy your birthday!

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Hello Eric

I am new to the message board thing. Just

yesterday I posted one of these to an Elvis

impersonator who performed an awesome show

here in Wichita Falls, but hey, we're not

to discuss the King. I am a huge fan of yours

and have a number of your cds and vinyl LPs.

You have the most beautiul and soulful voice.

I just purchased your Born To Love You cd and

I absoloutely love it. I plan on purchasing

your book soon. Anyhow, Happy Birthday to you

and keep on looking as good as you do. You

sure do hold your age well.

Faithful and true here in Texas! bold

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Happy Birthday Eric, my friend. I do consider you my friend because you have been such a big part of my life. Your wonderful gift for music has touched me in so many ways, and I could never thank you enough.

I wish you love, laughter, peace, and health for you and all your family and I hope life treats you great. Have a wonderful birthday.

Love June happy

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I can't begin (to count the times,,,no, no,no!)to tell you how much of an influence you have made on me from my early teens into adulthood.

I hope you know that no matter whether you have gone through the good times or the bad, I, along with many here, have always supported your every move.

I was fortunate enough to see Raspberries as my first live act ever. I was also fortunate enough to have seen you play as a solo artist several times. I would hope that over the next few years, I will have more opportunities to build on that, but whatever you choose, I'm behind you.

I also hope you are reading the board and seeing how much you have meant to all of us and we thank Bernie and Ken for writing the new book and giving us an inside view of your fabulous career. I know there are many more chapters to add in the future.

So, have a great birthday! You deserve it! Keep on being the great family man and musician that you always have!

P.S. Any time you are ready to become my producer or add a few songs to any future CD's I might be recording....feel free!!!!!! (and bring that Bryson guy to play, too, okay? LOL)

You are truly the best! Have a great day!

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Happy Birthday Eric!

I hope you have an amazing day! It's a joy to read about your life story in the new book. Thanks for all the incredible music you have given us throughout the years and hopefully in the years ahead. My favorite album, now CD, has always been Boats Against the Current and it never fails to move me whenever I hear it. Your music will always have a very special place in my life. Julie Rhoads

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You Say It's Your Birthday...

Eric, Hope this one's a blast and best wishes for a fun happy healthy successful year! I'll never forget your outstanding performances and meeting you twice during the All Starr Tour, once by chance when you were entering the casino in Atlantic City after the show, and outside the Beacon Theatre in NYC (planned!). You are as nice as you are talented! Can't wait to start reading my autographed copy of your story!

I also should tell you that on my way in to work this morning CBS FM 101.1 (NY station) announced that it was your birthday and played "Go All The Way." After that the dj said that there are rumors of a Rasberries reunion and tour! Whether it's rumor or true, thought you'd like to know what they said... Cheers!

All The Best,

Joyce Marie xxx spin

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Eric - I have been a fan of Eric Carmen the artist since the 70's. Since meeting you at the Celebrity Baseball game in St. Petersburg, Florida a few years ago, I have become a fan of Eric Carmen the person as well. I hope that the year to come brings you good health, much happiness and continued success. Happy Birthday!

Tom I.

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Happy Birthday Eric. Thanks for the wonderful music that has meant so much to so many. You have such as strong supporter base brought together by a love of your songs and music over many years. I am not alone in hoping that you will continue to record and release your songs. In the meantime have a wonderful birthday and all the very best for the future. spin

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