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I just heard that VH1 did a story on the reunion in a news segment. They played a short clip of the boys performing "Go All The Way" from their triumphant first reunion concert. I'd keep an eye on VH1 if I were you… you'll never know what might pop up there one of these days :-)


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I forgot to post this last week. My sister called me last week and said she was watching VH 1 CLASSIC and during the Super 70's hour they showed a commercial with guys playing GO ALL THE WAY. She is not sure but she thinks it was for a CD. I know the show was also on that morning at 1 am but I completely forgot about it, I wanted to tape it.


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You know, I just heard that VH1 Classic runs a show on Sunday evenings that takes requests to show two consecutive rare videos from 70's and 80's bands. Anyone have a good quality copy of the "Tonight" video or a song or two from the Kirshner shows to send them? Don't know how the "rights thing" works on that, though. Calling Bernie..........

I'm sure this board could send enough requests to get two berries videos played on at least one show there.

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