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And for a rather (ahem!) different tv show version of "All By Myself," check this out:


Ok...Bernie...sweetie, honey - pie...slowly step away from the computer. Now, are there any sharp objects around? If so, remove them from your office, you're scaring me!

I am sooooooooooo gonna bag on "Brother Barry" the next time I see him at an "Original Idols" gig (that's a plug folks)...this is too good, NOT to say something about! smilie

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Always great to hear "ABM" getting some national airplay! I still say the best was on "That 70's Show" in the episode when Eric broke up with Donna and when he woke up, "ABM" was on every radio station he turned on. Where do you find that type of radio???????? All Eric, all the time!

Omigosh I remember that episode!!!! ROFL!! yeah, really, where CAN we find a radio like that?! wink
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Hey blackhawkpat, all you have to do is put it into Winamp as a single file and put it on perpetual loop! That's what I do when I want to overdose on "Cindy In The Wind" and "Let's Pretend"!

As for "That 70's Show", I elieve it was set in the same year for awhile that ABM hit the airwaves anyway. Dammit,I missed that episode no matter how many times I saw it in syndication or real time!

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I don't care how many time this song gets out there as long as it still gets out there. I think it is awesome that this song still has running shoes and I think it's wonderful for Eric to have written such a song that keeps on giving. Congratulations Eric, I thought the piece was great!

Love June LuvLove

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Have you noticed the number of guests coming here is increasing since Thursday night? I can't believe how popular EC is becoming again! Join people, join! You won't regret it.

BTW, Bessieboo was nice enough to offer me a copy of one of Eric's CD's which has the songs I crave but never hear!

Everyone is so nice and loving here, and I think it has to be EC's influence. He is so polite and sweet to all his fans, Cartmill notwithstanding! haha

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