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When I first read this post last night, my ESP kicked in, but I didn't ask what I wanted to ask because EC's not going to spoil the surprise anyway!

I may need to get a drool bib out.

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Well, I'll be watching Ugly Betty that night! The site will just have to do without my sarcasm for at least the duration of the show. Besides, I can't wait to see what's going to be featured, and I am out of ideas for aging Berries and Carmen titles in that other thread! laugh

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Gee and I thought Latvian clogging was the ultimate. spineye


Yeah John, that would be a NO. The Latvians wish they could take their clog dancing as serious as the Lithuanians do. Just look at my troupe, I'm sure you can spot me...the happiest one there! eek


Wendy (who's now frightened she be kicked out of her clog dancing troupe, just because of Ugly Betty!)

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Originally posted by WendyWorld:

Well then, I'll just have to cancel my Lithuanian clog dancing lessons as I don't have TiVo!


Have you tried clog dancing to the musical break in "Great Expectations?" haha

Oh Bernie, darn it...you tease me with a challenge! I LIVE for challenges, especially with my clogs! Now, where are those little wooden wonders of happiness? laugh
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Yeah! Let's keep Eric's heads up post visible for everybody, even if it's just the word "Bump" every time until the episode airs.

He is, after all, nice enough to tell us! heartpump

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I've only seen "Ugly Betty" once or twice. I'm usually watching "CSI" or "Ancient Discoveries".

But this week it's definitely gonna be Betty!

I cheated last night and looked up the episode online and found the Gene Simmons thing, but I'm dying to see what else is up!!

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