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How exciting was it to discover King Tut's tomb?


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Wheee! Just placed my order! This is all too much. I also just received a phone call from Lorraine at HOB and she gave me all details for M&G on Saturday!

12:30 pick up will call tix

1:00 line up outside music hall for m&g

1:30-2:30 m&g

After that, soundcheck!

Woo hoo!

She didn't say the woo hoo, too, that's me!!

All The Best,



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Bernie -

What can I say? WOW!!! doesn't suffice. YABBA DABBA DO won't. My jaw went slack and agape just looking at the ordering info. Needless to say, I've ordered - and eagerly await the multimedia offerings. THANK YOU so darn much, and kudos also to Ken, for delivering this remarkable package. happy -- John R.

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Would King Tut be angry if he knew Kathy and I peeked into his tomb? I said *if*...Those strings are so full of incredible music memory that I would bet that *if* we sneaked in, the room would have an otherworldly feel, and I'd be so excited that I'd have to touch them...Of course, this is just conjecture...

smile --Princess Ankhsonoman

PS Where is Turhan Bey with those tana leaves when you need him? Oh yeah, he's in Los Angeles--waiting for the Raspberries concert!

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These aren't just guitar strings, they're RELICS! I gotta tell you, I was moved quite a bit just handling them the other day. They resonate with power. You'll get the chance to own an important part of the music you hear in concert -- the actual string Wally plucks to play the intro to "Go All The Way" on his Gibson doubleneck on stage, or the actual string Eric strums when he takes that electrifying guitar break in Ecstasy, or the actual guitar string Wally bangs out a scortching solo with on "Party's Over." No, my friend, these aren't just pieces of scrap metal…they may have been inanimate objects once a long time ago, but they have been transformed…brought to life by Eric and Wally! I have never heard of an opportunity to own something like this EVER! Imagine owning a guitar string John Lennon played at Shea Stadium, or a guitar string from Hendrix's strat that he used at Woodstock? THIS is THAT…only better. These are strings used to play "Overnight Sensation," "I Wanna Be With You," "Tonight" and "Go All The Way!"


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I just placed my order as well - let the countdown begin! I missed out on all the cool multi-media by waiting until the last minute (almost literally) to get "Marathon Man" - once bitten, twice shy indeed!

Bernie, when was the last time somebody told you that you rocked?

The book is supposed to be shipped on 12/15? The day after my birthday - what a present!

The smile on mny face has to be seen to be believed right now... smile


John Shaft & His Purple Hat

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