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Unreleased Songs

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Ok! I am imagining an album with these cuts.

High Cost Of Loving

It Shoulda Been Me

Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea

Wild Wild Heart

My Heart Stops (not too crazy about this one)

Reason To Try

Cindy In The Wind

Running Hot

Young Hearts On Fire

...and then a few new ones to cap it off

There are lots of songs that Eric wrote that I never heard of course. I wonder if there are any recordings out there of any of these.

Blue Highway

After You

Your Last Chance

Go Ahead And Hurt Me

How Can You Tell

So Little Time

Standing Here

Temporary Hero

I Surely Do

Love At Last

Quiet Train

Morning Has Broken Me

Up All Night

Maybe Eric should dig up a few of these and rework them to his liking. Then hit the studio and release an internet album on this site. Hey! A guy can dream can't he.

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Gee I didn't realize that Eric had so many tunes tucked away. Just like Bruce Springsteen! So why did "Winter Dreams" have to include two covers: "Walk Away Rene" and "Caroline,No", as well as old songs from his catalogue: "Almost Paradise", and "Forever Tonight" that had been done by others? If these songs do get released, I hope that the majority of them are not slow, brooding, over-dramatic ballads like "Between the Devil..." otherwise it'll be "Winter Dreams Part 2"!!!

Good idea about releasing material via the internet. More and more artists are going this route to avoid record company hassles.


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Holy Smoke! I had no idea Eric had so many unreleased songs. Where have some of you heard them? (No one is answering that one...) *I* never did. I'll bet Bernie has heard all of them though. Come on, Eric! Put them into what you consider "shape" and release them yourself!!! PLEASE? --Darlene

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I have copies of most of them. I seem to have misplaced "Running Hot" & "Young Hearts On Fire." And "Cindy In The Wind" is a song I think I heard once but never had a copy of it myself. The first three songs on the list are my favorites. I never heard "Wild Wild Heart" until Bernie posted the mp3. I like that song too. "Reason To Try" was a single released from the 1988 Summer Olympic games and "My Heart Stops" was also a single that was released. I hate to be critical of Eric but it's not that I don't really like "My Heart Stops'. I just don't think the performance was that good. The other songs I have listed below can be found at the BMI website. These are songs that Eric has written but as far as I know they have never been recorded.

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Someone gave them to me. The question is "Where did he get them?" I don't know. If I remember correctly, he knew someone that worked at the studio where Eric recorded those songs. The quality of the recordings really aren't that good. I don't know if better recordings exist, or if mine are a result of poor tape quality.

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