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Target TV commercial jingle - could that be Eric singing?!


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When I heard that commercial, I thought the same as you, so I just did a little research on the internet and came up with the answer.

Back in the 80's I was in Florida, laying on the beach listening to the radio and a song was played that really sparked my interest. After the song was played, the DJ announced the name of the song "You Don't Know", a new release by Eric Carmen! It was right around the time when MMLC was released. I had never heard the song in NY so I didn't even think that this DJ had made a blunder. When I got back to NY, I searched the record stores and found out that the artist was Scarlett and Black. It sounded like an Eric tune to me.


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Thanks for that info on the song in the Target commercial. Cool video.

PS: Every time I see that commercial and hear the opening of the tune, the song that comes to mind right away is "For You Blue," a George Harrison track on the Beatles' Let It Be album (as if I needed to identify it!).

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