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Steve Popovich, Cleveland International Records

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I found this while skipping across the waves of the internet ocean at http://oneamericanagainstsonymusic.com/p.html --- it's the blog of Steve Popovich of Cleveland International Records (the label of Meat Loaf and the Euclid Beach Band, among others).

He's leading the fight against "payola" and I like his comments about what's wrong with Top 40 radio these days (I'm not sure when he posted this, but it's obviously from 2004 or 2005):


"In the last two weeks, I’ve seen some amazing concerts by Chicago, Earth, Wind & Fire, the Raspberries with Eric Carmen, and the James Gang with Joe Walsh. All four acts had an amazing connection to the audience and created excitement for doing at least an hour or two of songs that everyone in the audience knew and could sing along to. All those hits happened when radio was exciting and took pride in breaking new music through."


So, next time you're at a Raspberries' gig, look around and you might see a record company president! (I know of one other, whom I won't name here, who wrote me that he was blown away by Raspberries' July 2005 show in Cleveland).

Raspberries concerts attract the most interesting audience members, but you guys and gals already knew that!

Don smile

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Don, You post the most interesting stuff. I've always said that Raspberries were "musicians' musicians," and much much more. Innovative, knock-your-socks-off stuff with more electricity than any other band. Any record company prez in the audience has to know that, unless they are vastly lacking in intelligence or musical talent, which I'm sure is not the case in the two you mention.

The heads of smaller/alternate labels are often much more savvy than the big guys. I have just wished for so long that the guys could get the marketing and distribution they have so deserved for sooo long... I just know they will. At LEAST two record companies! With the buzz that must be going around the industry, given the big-name musicians at their shows and the great reviews, I'll bet there are a lot more. As Herman said the other night, NOBODY even *tries* to perform live like their recordings. Not even the young performers. But the guys do, and are better in person than recorded. Now *that's* really something! The industry is surely taking notice.

smile --Darlene

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