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Sinatra Covers Eric


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And I think that Sinatra again proves that he has NO feel for newer "Pop Music"...and he does "ABM" the same injustice that he did to "Bad Bad Leroy Brown".

Bernie...Didn't Eric say in your book or somewhere else something like.."I didn't really like how he did it...But My God my song was done by F***ing Frank Sinatra!" smile

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Yeah, Dean was quite a guy, and the drunk thing was an act.

Sinatra massacred "I Think I love You". THen, when he did "New York, New York", I though it was okay at the time, but my Dad had taken singing lessons from his aunt and been incolved in a quartet in church and said Sinatra was "flat".

Now, that I think of it, he WAS "flat" a lot of the time.

SInatra covering Carmen? Sacre Bleu!

Out to see the kids today on the icy streets of twon. 'Bye!

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I liked Frankie, but personally it was Dean Martin that did it for me.

Beatnut, I'm with you.... Frank was cool, but Dino was ultra-cool. I think I got that from my dad---he likes Frank, but LOVES Dean Martin, and always had his records, er, 8-tracks playing (and now, of course, CDs). Frank had a bigger impact, of course, and that voice and the phrasing and all that, but for me, Dean just had more charisma, and that cool voice....

I do appreciate, however, the fact that Frank covered "ABM." No doubt, that was sign you made it!

PS: GMan, that "Jack" line in "Something" is hilarious. In fact, I think it was on his live album that includes "Something" (Trilogy? -- I have to check) that he credits it as a Lennon & McCartney song.... Guess he didn't look at the sheet music very closely... :-) That had to miff George a bit, after all those years in the shadows of the giants, John and Paul.

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Yes I agree Sinatra's updates of rock songs can be funny...but I also think that people who dismiss Sinatra's work have not heard much of it. Frank's series of theme albums in the 50s are national treasures, something Bruce Springsteen understood.


I've always liked Frank Sinatra (especially "My Way" and "It Was A Very Good Year"), so it was neat to read Eric Carmen's comments in Crawdaddy magazine back in 1977 at http://www.ericcarmen.com/press/770900a.htm :


...Moments later, as he prepares to leave the hotel, Eric brightens with an afterthought. "I got a call recently—Frank Sinatra's gonna cut 'Boats Against the Current' next month. He's already done 'All By Myself' and 'Never Gonna Fall in Love Again.'" He beams. "Having him record your song is the greatest compliment in the world. As for as I'm concerned. I don't care what anybody says. Sinatra is still Number One."...


In Bernie and Ken's book "Marathon Man," pages 304-305, there's a quote which makes it pretty clear that Eric was jazzed when Sinatra covered "Never Gonna Fall In Love Again" (Eric admits he might have liked Sinatra to have "done it a little straighter," but adds, "but was I bummed out about it? No. It's fucking Frank Sinatra!"). Sinatra is mentioned several times in the book.

Don Krider smile


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