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Raspberries & Rockline Radio


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For those not familliar with the show it is a 90 minute radio program devoted to rock musicians. The host will ask a few scripted question during the first 15 minutes (or so) of the show then will take phone calls so that you the listener can call in. They play the biggest hits by the band and also sometimes the guest band will play a few songs live! Here is a link to a webpage that has a search engine to look up who has been on the show. Eric has never been on! Better late then never!


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Everyone send their email out yet? This is the ultimate way to get the Raspberries on the map so to speak. I used to listen to this program even if I wasnt a big fan of the group... in otherwords there is quite a following of listeners that may not know about the Raspberries.. especially the younger demographics and this is a great way for them to hear!

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