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What's happened to Darlene?


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Come on Darlene! (Wasn't that an 80's pop song?)

Every time you disappear for a week to have a secret rendezvous with Eric Carmen, you use that old "relative with a broken hip" story. We know where you went, even if Herman doesn't. It's like that 70's movie, "Same Time Next Year". And I think that picture was taken during the first time. I can see that look on Eric's face like he's saying, "No, not me. I didn't just have a quickie in the broom closet with this hot chick between sets. That would ruin my rep with my gay fans..." No wonder Darlene got front row seats for the second show. spin

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Bernie swears he doesn't know why I don't appear in the member directory. I didn't even know there WAS a member directory till everyone was posting that I no longer appeared there. (Did I EVER appear there????!!!!) Ahhh--I know why. I must have spilled too much lemonade on my computer, and it went all spooky like in the movie "Electric Dreams." By the way, ladies, anyone see that movie and fall in love with Lenny von Dohlen (Miles) like I did? (He was just so cute and vulnerable!) Actually, I also fell in love with the computer (Edgar)!

smile --Darlene

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The movie soundtrack to "Electric Dreams" went to # 94 on the Billboard Top 200 Album Charts back on October of 1984. There was only one song from the movie soundtrack called "Video!" by ELO vocalist Jeff Lynne which peaked at # 85 on the Billboard Hot 100 Singles Charts back on August 25, 1984. Other various artists on the movie soundtrack include Heaven 17 (Chase Runner), Culture Club (The Dream), Giorgio Moroder (The Duel), P.P. Arnold (Electric Dreams), Jeff Lynne (Let It Run), Culture Club (Love Is Love), Giorgio Moroder (Madeline's Theme), Helen Terry (Now You're Mine) & Giorgio Moroder & Phillip Oakey (Human League) (Together In Electric Dreams). Matt

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