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My take on this is, if they say "no cameras", don't be a jerk and try to smuggle one in. These days, with security issues being what they are, it could very well lead to your having delayed entrance (or no entrance at all) to the concert. Don't forget, this is not a place owned by Raspberries, this is a public casino with a set of rules intended in the best interest of their clientele. Do yourself a favor and don't ask for trouble.

I was delayed from entering Disney MGM Studios for more than an hour a few months ago because I had an ordinary nail file in my purse (and nowhere does Disney have a list of what you can or cannot have in your purse), the rent-a-cop acted like I was smuggling Osama into the place. I was late for my dinner reservations and everything because of it. So don't think it can't happen, believe me, it can.

What I found ironic was, after they literally confiscated my nail file and made me put it in a locker outside MGM, I got to the restaurant, where they promptly handed me a knife the size of a machete haha

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To clarify - the $100.00 M&G tix anyone bought at HOB.com are the only way to get into the M & G. HOB totally runs the sale of these tix. HOB was (and still is) supposed to e-mail those who purchased tix with M & G details. The details I posted at the beginning of this thread are accurate. Here's some more details:

I believe the soundcheck is at 2pm, so we're asking all M & Ger's to arrive at the club at about 12:30 (90 minutes prior to soundcheck). We'll get you organized for the M & G (give you a wristband, get you in line, etc.) which will begin about 1 hour prior to soundcheck (while Roadie #3 and co. are readying the stage for the band), or at about 1pm. You'll receive an autographed photo, get to meet and greet the band and have a photo taken by Gene. As with the NY M & G, the photos will be available about one week after the show in the "Meet and Greet" section of the "Raspberries" tab on EC.com.

I hope this answers some of the questions and clears up some of the confusion.



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Thanks so much for the additional M&G and Soundcheck details.

I haven't received details on M&G yet. I bought 2 $100 tix yesterday and received from HOB an order confirmation email which said that my seat assignments will be in my Will Call/Shipping Confirmation email when they print the tix. No mention of M&G at all.

All The Best,


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