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Atlantic City


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I'll be there with my husband, Wally..my 2 sisters (Maryanne and Carol and their spouses)

Still looking for a resonably priced hotel close to AC. At this point, we're staying an hour away...just can't force myself to pay those ridiculous prices just to sleep.

Looking fwd to seeing all of you.

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I just got back from two nights at the Tropicana in Atlantic City, here are few observations:

1. Parking is free at the Showboat if you have their "Club Card"...otherwise it was only $5.00

2. The Sands is advertising free parking for everyone all the time and a $7.77 Buffet. Showboat to the The Sands is a short walk up the boardwalk.

3. If you are staying at a casino hotel, you should be set...there is no reason to ever the leave the building (but only if you are rich). The Tropicana was an amazing complex, but the prices were high for food, $2.99 for a pint of Tropicana OJ at the Deli within the casino. Take a walk on the boardwalk for "cheap eats".

4. Atlantic City "felt" safer and looks better then from what I remembered. The boardwalk is still you're safest best if you want to get adventureous.

5. Tickets on sale at the box office have NO service charge. 4 General Admission tickets cost me $128.00 ($32.00 each)

6. Sign up for a Club Card when you get there. I was at the Showboat about a year ago and put my card into the machine yesterday...low and behold I had $32.00 CASH available which they gave me on the spot. (The tickets, cost $32.00 each...WOW one of my tickets to the show was FREE). They also send me free offers monthly.

7. Bring a few bucks to gamble and set your limit:

I only went to Atlantic City because I won a free gift card which I used on the Hotel room.

My budget was $40.00 a night to gamble....

On my first night, I won a $1,000 on the nickel slot machines (I hit the big jackpot for a .05 machine!!!) I lost my $40.00 on the second night and was smart enough to leave it at that.

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Just a little info about the Showboat:

Leaving AC... be careful. Watch the road signs. Don't be yakking it up with your vehicle-mate(s)... you REALLY don't want to take the wrong exit and wind up on the bridge to Pennsylvania... trust me on this... angrymadarrgh

HEY!!!!! Yes I do want to wind up on the bridge to Pennsylvania!!! laugh
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