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Marathon Man: Remastered


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You're all familiar with that expression, "Good things come to those who wait." Well, the bad news is that major retool Ken and I are undertaking with Eric Carmen, Marathon Man will take us past the hoped for Christmas delivery.

That means you'll all have to be satisfied by the iPods, big-screen TVs and blu-ray players that Santa leaves for you this year.

But now for the good news...

Announcing Eric Carmen, Marathon Man: Remastered—a new edition of the celebrated biography of singer/songwriter Eric Carmen that was named one of the "Top Ten Books of the Year" by British music magazine Record Collector! The original edition was an instant smash, with all copies selling out, making the book a hard-to-find (if not impossible-to-find) treasure for Eric Carmen fans worldwide.

The new edition is much more than a reprint! Boasting 100 new pages and dozens of new and previously unpublished photos, Eric Carmen, Marathon Man: Remastered fills in many of the gaps in the original edition with new interviews from band members, roadies, former managers and other rock luminaries. It includes all of the content from the original edition AND picks up where the story left off, taking you on a journey through Raspberries' triumphant return to the stage and the release of their first album in almost three decades.

Eric Carmen, Marathon Man: Remastered will be a sought after addition to every Raspberries and Eric Carmen fan's library and is scheduled for publication on March 31, 2009! Details on pre-ordering this monumental tome will be forthcoming after the holidays. Merry Christmas!

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Yahoo!! I can't wait! Time to save my pennies now.

Also, did anyone notice "the release of their first album in almost three decades." ?

Two great thrills for me on this Thursday!!!


I believe that refers to the release of "Live On Sunset Strip", but we do know that there was some sort of recording session done with the overdubs! smile


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"GOLD" Things Come To Those Who Wait!! And this one looks like "Solid Gold"! The prospect of this book will definitely help get me through a long, cold Winter!

Bernie, the title may read "Remastered", but you have always been the "Master" here at EC.com!! king

With Love, from your "Genie"... Elle

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