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All For Love and It Hurts Too Much SCINTILLANT!!!

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Thank to the guys who sent me mp3.(you know who you are(1)It Hurts Too Much is probably ONE OF THE MOST SCINTILLANTLY PRODUCED SONG I´VE EVER HEARD!!!!.After listening to it for the first time I had to listen to it 12 times(true)without credit what I was listening to and it still isn´t enough!I love that "the polished meets the raw" sound.(yes,Badfingerbarb,is a bit like Be My Baby meets Billy Joel,but also is a bit like Roy Orbison or Springsteen´s Hungry Heart or Cherie Darling-the sax is very Clarence Clemmons,I think-)the drummer,whoever he is isn´t of this world.He´s unearthly!!!.If you can imagine a new liquid between tne morning dew and the nitric acid disinfects the world from wars,hunger,greed,holy wars and crusadesposibly is the aural blood of It Hurts Too Much.I can´t stand to meet a copy of Tonight You´re Mine in my confidence second hand record shop sooner or later.

About All For Love.Iknow Lou Gramm´s ritualto visit his girl On The Moon so well,but there´s no comparison.All For Love takes me out of the Milky Way...

(1)the guy who sent me It Hurts too Much isn´t from this forum.

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that`s Carmine Appice alright...he`s a little too much for me, but his style fits right in on those tunes...

I recently played the whole album over and over..."Fooling Myself" is a great song, but EC over did it on the TAG...the song would have been better had it a little more uptempo and kept at 2:30 minutes...

I also love "All For Love"...the duet action is awesome...very captivating...


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"Inside Story" should have been a little more guitar heavy in the mix. Maybe another guitar track or doubled track. It just seems a little wimpy with greater potential. It sounds better on the muffled old "Live in Japan" crappy video I have. The combination of a heavier guitar mix and traditional rock drum beat live makes "Inside Story" rock like some of Elton's best 70's recordings.(Same guitarist, of course)

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