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The PINS have arrived!

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WOW, Kathy girl, you shipped out the orders ALREADY!!! I just got my pin! I adore the copper cloisonne! Just beautiful! I'm frustrated that there's no school Monday so I can wear it and field all the "What is that?" questions! Well, a whole Memorial Day weekend off after all those school and district orchestra concerts... I guess I'm not *that* frustrated, BUT...

that is one gorgeous replica of the first album!

And copper goes with *everything*!!!

Thanks for the quick-ship!

smile --Dar

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Hi Bernie and Kathy. My pin arrived today and I must add my great thanks to you two for creating this beautiful piece! The copper is so beautiful and the pin hefty - as weighty (in a good way) as Eric's illustrious career. The double pin/backing pieces are necessary given the heft of this treasure.

Thanks for drawing my name! For those of you who want to buy this item, I strongly recommend that you do so. You'll be very please with this great keepsake.

Bravo! And thanks again!


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Got 'em and they look fabulous. I also understand why it has double stick-posts on the back -- it does have heft.

I already have it on my Raspberries cap.

Dare I say I already modified it a little.

( gasps going up now )

Not the front --- don't worry -- just the posts on the back. The posts are longer than the clasps so I cut just a little bit of the posts off w/ a wire cutter and tried to cut at an angle too --- did better w/ one than the other (you may want to get a trained professional to do this). ** Then I put it on the front of the hat, a little off center but the clasps themselves were a bit bothersome so I put it on the side so the clasps are between the outside fabric and the inside hat band. Perfect.

Should be less concern about this with lapels on sport coats and other thicker garments/coats.

***That's all for Raspyrock tip of the week.***

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Yeah I know. My brother-in-law in MN sent my son a Christmas gift in early December, he received it toward the end of January.

On the other hand when I send stuff from here to people in the States, they receive it within a week.


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We often complain about the U.S. Postal Service, but I gotta tell ya, I had SOOOO many Eric Carmen and Raspberries books returned from Canada without being delivered that I was starting to think I needed to send everything TWICE! Once to get it returned to me and again to actually get it delivered! They seem to be VERY particular on how the customs declarations are made and I understand will even charge recipients fees before allowing delivery of parcels! I hope the pins I shipped to Canada get there safely :-)


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You'd be most welcome Marvin. And that would bring a 50% increase in New Zealand board members :Phappy

According to the date stamp on the envelope they were sent on the 24th May and so took 5 days to get here although if you take the date differences its probably only 4 days. That's pretty good service smile

Muzza cool

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I haven't got the pin yet,either...And I hope it won't be charged...because CD's which I orderd to Japan had been chaged at almost same price of 1 CD!!I'd better move to NZ !!??

But anyway I look forward to it!!!Again,Bernie and Kathy, thank you very much for the pin.

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